Cat Names Pop Culture Articles

Get inspired by your favorite TV shows, movies, and books! Check out our collection of cat names taken from pop culture. From Harry Potter to Friends.

  1. anime cat names

    Anime Cat Names

    Anime enthusiasts, the search for the perfect cat name for your feline friend is finally over! Tap into the realm of adventure and wonder in this […]

  2. Lord of the Rings cat names

    Lord of the Rings Cat Names

    Are you a die-hard fan of epic fantasy and looking to find the perfect name for your new feline friend? In this article, we’ve compiled a […]

  3. music cat names - cat with headphones

    Music Cat Names

    These music cat names are perfect for the song lover. Nothing impacts us and our culture quite like music, and these names will infuse that power […]

  4. minecraft grey cat sitting

    Minecraft Cat Names

    These Minecraft cat names are perfect for your tamed cat. You’ll find great ideas, including cute, cool, tough, funny, and nerdy options that suit your in-game […]

  5. pokemon cat names

    Pokemon Cat Names

    These Pokemon cat names are perfect for anyone who loves the anime series or the games. This list includes all the cat-like creatures and a ton […]

  6. star wars cat names

    Star Wars Cat Names

    Hobbies & passions are a great place to start when naming your cat. For example, I’m a big Star Wars nerd, and if you are as […]

  7. hipster cat names

    Hipster Cat Names

    Hipsters are always on the cusp of what is trendy and cool. And what hipster doesn’t want to extend that to their pet through hipster cat […]

  8. game of thrones cat names

    Game of Thrones Cat Names

    Game of Thrones is one of the most popular fantasy novels & tv series of all time. So if you’re a fan of GOT and getting […]

  9. rapper cat names

    Rapper Cat Names

    Want to show your love of hip hop with your cat’s name? Check out this list of rapper cat names! These names come from all generations […]

  10. harry potter cat names

    Harry Potter Cat Names

    Harry Potter was a huge fantasy novel series with a movie series to follow. The series is filled with great characters and magical creatures for you […]

  11. famous cat names

    235+ Famous Cat Names

    Check out the ultimate guide to famous cat names. We’ve rounded up 235+ well-known cats from cartoons, movies, TV shows, literature, and more! Famous Cartoon Cat […]