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Disney Cat Names – 29 Unforgettable Characters

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Disney cat names are great for those who grew up watching Disney movies. From adorable furballs to devious feline villains, films from Disney were packed with iconic cats.

Going back from the classics up to recent releases, we’ve rounded up a list of 29 Disney cat names. So get ready for a trip down memory lane!

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29 Classic Disney Cat Names

Disney cats came in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny kittens to giant jungle cats.

No matter what your cat looks like, any of these names could be the perfect fit!

Photo Sources: The Walt Disney Company

Oliver (Oliver & Company)

Disney cat Oliver

If you were a kid in the ’80s, you likely remember the movie Oliver & Company.

In this spin on the classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, Oliver is a homeless kitten who joins a gang of dogs to survive on the streets.

As a bonus, the name Oliver is quite trendy these days for baby boys, so if you pick this name for your cat, you’ll be in vogue.

Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)

Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn’t love Tigger, the iconic character from Winnie the Pooh? He’s been a fan favorite for decades, bouncing around with joy and happiness. After all, as he says, “Bouncing is what Tiggers do best.”

When it comes to Disney cat names, this name is popular but not overused. So it’s safe to say you’ll more than likely be the only person with a cat named Tigger in your circle.

Simba (The Lion King)

Simba from The Lion King

Simba, the sweet lion from the 1994 film The Lion King, is one of Disney’s most popular characters of all time. As a result, Simba is perhaps the most popular choice for Disney cat names.

Sure, it might not be the most original option, but naming your cat Simba is fun and nostalgic, especially for those of us who grew up watching the beloved animation.

Nala (The Lion King)

Nala from The Lion King

Since we’re on the topic of popular Disney cat names, we can’t forget Nala, also from The Lion King.

Nala is the childhood best friend of Simba and eventually marries him and becomes queen of the jungle. This is a fun choice if you’ve got a sweet and slightly sassy female cat.

Mufasa (The Lion King)

Mufasa from Lion King

We can’t talk about The Lion King and not mention Mufasa, Simba’s beloved father. He was the strong, benevolent king until he was killed by his brother Scar.

We love this name for a cat because it’s iconic but still unique.

Scar (The Lion King)

Scar from Lion King

The ultimate Disney villain, Scar, is a major baddie in The Lion King. A generation of kids grew up fearing this menacing lion.

This will make a hilarious name if you’ve got a cat with an attitude.

Lucifer (Cinderella)

Lucifer from Cinderella

In Cinderella’s 1950 animated Disney film, the cat Lucifer was quite the jerk. But I guess with a name like Lucifer, what do you expect?

As you may recall, he is the sneaky, conniving cat who constantly tries to eat Cinderella’s sweet mice, Jaq and Gus. Luckily, he is not successful.

Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp)

Disney Cat Names - Si and Am

I am just thinking about Si and Am, the naughty Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp, and I immediately have that darn song in my head. Remember We Are Siamese (If You Please)?

The treacherous pair wreaks havoc in the house and ultimately gets Lady in trouble. Naughty cats!

Figaro (Pinocchio)

Figaro from Pinnochio

We’re going old school with this one. In the classic film Pinnochio, Figaro is Geppetto’s sweet Tuxedo Cat. He’s a bit immature and competitive, but he has a heart of gold deep down.

Fun fact: Walt Disney loved this character so much that he wanted him to appear in his works as much as possible. In fact, Walt made him Minnie Mouse’s pet. (A mouse with a pet cat? Mind blown.)

Gideon (Pinocchio)

Gideon from Pinocchio

Gideon the Cat and his partner Honest John serve as antagonists in Pinocchio. These two con men live in the same village as Pinocchio and Geppetto and manipulate victims into their schemes in exchange for money.

Despite the character flaws, the name Gideon still makes a super cute name for a rascally cat.

Rajah (Aladdin)

Rajah from Aladdin

As we continue with this list of Disney cat names, it’s time to move back to the big cats!

In the film Aladdin, Rajah is Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger. She can always count on him as her best friend and fiercest protector.

Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)

Shere Khan from The Jungle Book

If you recall, Shere Khan is the main antagonist in the animated classic The Jungle Book. This powerful and suave Bengal tiger is fiercely intimating. All he has to do is show his face, and the jungle creatures are terrified!

He does have an Achille’s heel, however. Two of them. He is terrified of fire and guns.

Considering all these names, we think Shere Khan would make a great name for a strong, alpha male cat.

Bagheera (The Jungle Book)

Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Wise, intelligent, and level-headed, Bagheera the panther serves as the guardian of the Mowgli, the “Man-Cub,” as he calls him, in The Jungle Book.

Bagheera is the serious foil to Baloo, the goofy, fun-loving sloth bear. The two often get annoyed with each other, but they both have Mowgli’s back in the end.

Sabor (Tarzan)

Sabor from Tarzan

In the animated film Tarzan, Sabor is the cruel cat who killed both of Tarzan’s parents at the film’s start. She is a large, aggressive leopard known throughout the jungle for being a lethal fighter.

If you have a large, strong cat, this makes a great name. Or you could use it ironically for an itty bitty kitty. How funny would that be?

Rufus (The Rescuers)

Rufus from the Rescuers

Warm and kind, Rufus is an elderly cat in The Rescuers. Unlike the young cats, he has no interest in chasing down mice. In fact, he works with them to help find Penny.

We love this gruff but lovable name and consider it a gem within the Disney cat names.

Dinah (Alice in Wonderland)

Dinah from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderful is full of so many trippy characters that you might have forgotten about Dinah, Alice’s small red cat.

Dinah doesn’t make it down the rabbit hole. Instead, she is reunited with Alice at the end when she awakes.

The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

The Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland

This character, however, is much more memorable. Who could forget the eery grin of the Cheshire Cat?

The devious and mischievous cat can disappear on will and contorts his body to frighten his visitors. Of all the mad characters, he might be the craziest of all!

Duchess (The Aristocats)

Duchess from Aristocats

In the animated film The Aristocats, opera diva Madame Adelaide decides to leave her fortune to her cats, Duchess, and her three kittens. The greedy butler, however, has other plans.

As part of the plot, the elegant and beautiful Duchess falls in love with Thomas O’Malley and is forced to choose between her life at home or a life with Thomas.

Thomas O’Malley (The Aristocats)

Thomas O'Malley from Aristocats

Thomas O’Malley is the friendly alley cat who finds Duchess and her kittens stranded in the woods and befriends them, becoming a father figure to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess.

This is undoubtedly a fun, scrappy name for a boy cat!

Toulouse (The Aristocats)

Toulouse cat

Toulouse is the oldest kitten. He aspires to meet a tough alley cat, so he adores Thomas and sees him as a father figure. He acts very tough and often gets on his sisters’ nerves.

Berlioz  (The Aristocats)

Berlioz cat

As the youngest kitten, Berlioz is somewhat timid. Still, he has plenty of spunk at times and can sometimes be mischievous and grumpy.

If you’re looking for a very unique, elegant, and international name, look no further.

Marie (The Aristocats)

Marie cat from the Aristocats

Marie is the middle and only female kitten. Not only is she very bossy at times, but she also believes that by being female, she is the best of the three kittens. She, like Toulouse, grows to love Thomas like a father.

Sergeant Tibbs (101 Dalmatians)

Sergeant Tibbs from 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is full of memorable dogs, but we can’t forget about the kind tabby cat Sergeant Tibbs. An ally to Pongo and Perdita, the parents of the giant litter, Sergeant Tibbs courageously searches for missing Dalmatians.

Felicia (The Great Mouse Detective)

Felicia from the Great Mouse Detective

The 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective featured an overweight, spoiled cat named Felicia, one of the story’s antagonists.

This certainly isn’t one of the most notable Disney cat names, but it does make a pretty moniker for a female cat.

D.C. (That Darn Cat!)

D.C That Darn Cat

We couldn’t have a list of Disney cat names without mentioning D.C., the main character in 1965’s That Darn Cat! In the film, the mischievous Siamese tomcat D.C. inadvertently gets involved with a bank robbery and is used to help solve the crime.

Thackery Binx (Hocus Pocus)

Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is one of the most beloved Halloween movies of all time. Once a 17th-century boy living with his family in the country, Thackery becomes an immortal black cat when he crosses paths with the Sanderson sisters, a trio of witches.

Jake (The Cat From Outer Space)

Jake from The cat from Outer Space

The premise of the 1978 film The Cat From Outer Space is pretty straightforwarda cat arrives from outer space when a flying saucer crashes on earth. The occupant turns out to be a cat-like alien named Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7, or Jake, as his human friends call him. Using a special collar, he can communicate with humans to try to find his mothership.

Aslan (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia

In The Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is the Great Lion, the primordial creator and true king of Narnia, a parallel world full of magic. He created the world as a replica of his own home, a mysterious and peaceful world similar to the afterlife.

We love this unique, soulful name and think it would be great for a pet cat.

Sassy (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey)

Sassy from Homeward Bound

In Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, two dogs and a cat named Sassy think they’re being abandoned by their owners and set out to find them. Sarcastic and witty, Sassy is a Himalayan cat who has a sibling-like relationship with the two dogs: Shadow, a wise, old golden retriever, and Chance, a young, immature American bulldog.

More Disney Related Cat Names

Here are some other names of Disney characters that might be perfect for your cat! Plus a few bonus Pixar Cat Names, now that Disney owns them as well! And once you’ve seen all the Disney ideas, be sure to check out these other cartoon cat names.

Male Disney Cat Names

  • Abu – Aladdin
  • Aladdin
  • Amos Slade – The Fox and the Hound
  • Angus – Horse from Brave
  • Archimedes – The Sword and the Stone
  • Ares – God from Hercules
  • Arlo – Apotosaurus from The Good Dinosaur
  • Baloo – The Jungle Book
  • Bashful – Snow White
  • Beast – Beauty and the Beast
  • Bullseye – Toy Story 2
  • Buzz – Toy Story
  • Captain Hook – Peter Pan
  • Chip – Chip and Dale
  • Clayton – Villain from Tarzan
  • Cody – Boy from The Rescuers
  • Copper – The Fox and the Hound
  • Dewey – Donald Duck
  • Digger – Mickey’s Australian cousin
  • Django – Rat from Ratatouille
  • Doc – Snow White
  • Donald – (Duck)
  • Emile – Rat in Ratatouille
  • Flit – Pocahontas
  • Flounder – The Little Mermaid
  • Flynn Rider – Tangled
  • Gaston – Beauty and the Beast
  • Genie – Aladdin
  • Geppetto – Puppet-maker from Pinocchio
  • Goofy
  • Guido -Forklift from Cars
  • Gus – Cinderella
  • Hades – Hercules
  • Hans – Frozen
  • Happy – Snow White
  • Hopper – A Bug’s Life
  • Huey – Donald Duck
  • Jafar – Aladdin
  • Jaq – Cinderella
  • Jiminy – Pinocchio
  • Iago – Aladdin
  • Li Shang – Mulan
  • Louie – Donald Duck
  • Little John – Robin Hood
  • Luigi – Cars
  • Maximus – Tangled
  • Meeko – Pocahontas
  • Merlin – Wizard from the Sword in the Stone
  • Mickey – (Mouse)
  • Morty – Nephew of Mickey Mouse
  • Mowgli – Main character from The Jungle Book
  • Mushu – Mulan
  • Nash – Tyrannosaurus from The Good Dinosaur
  • Nemo
  • Nigel – Pelican from Finding Nemo
  • Olaf – Frozen
  • Pascal – Tangled
  • Pegasus – Hercules
  • Pete – Mickey
  • Pooh
  • Pumbaa – Lion King
  • Prince Charming – Cinderella
  • Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid
  • Prince Ferdinand – Snow White
  • Prince John – Robin Hood
  • Prince Naveen – The Princess and the Frog
  • Prince Phillip – Sleeping Beauty
  • Rafiki – Lion King
  • Ralph – Wreck It Ralph
  • Ramsey – Tyrannosaurus from The Good Dinosaur
  • Ratcliffe – Pocahontas
  • Ratigan – The Great Mouse Detective
  • Roo – Winnie the Poo
  • Sebastian – The Little Mermaid
  • Shan Yu – Mulan
  • Sheldon – Seahorse from Finding Nemo
  • Sid – Toy Story
  • Stromboli – Pinocchio
  • Sulley – Main character from Monsters Inc
  • Sven – Frozen
  • Sykes – Oliver & Company
  • Thumper – Bambi
  • Timon – Lion King
  • Timothy – Dumbo
  • Tweedle Dee – Alice in Wonderland
  • Walt – Disney founder
  • Woody – Toy Story
  • Zazu – The Lion King

Female Disney Cat Names

  • Alice – Alice in Wonderland
  • Anna – Frozen
  • Ariel – The Little Mermaid
  • Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
  • Bambi
  • Belle – Beauty and the Beast
  • Boo – Girl from Monsters Inc
  • Briar Rose – Sleeping Beauty
  • Buttercup – Unicorn from Toy Story
  • Celia – Cyclops from Monsters Inc
  • Cinderella
  • Cleo – Geppetto’s fish from Pinocchio
  • Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians
  • Daisy – (Duck)
  • Dory – Finding Nemo
  • Dot – Daughter of the Queen ant in A Bug’s Life
  • Elena – TV series Elena of Avalor
  • Elsa – Frozen
  • Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • EVE – Wall-E
  • Flo – Cars
  • Flora – Walt Disney’s mother
  • Flower – Bambi
  • Grimhilde – Snow White
  • Jane Porter – Tarzan
  • Jasmine – Aladdin
  • Jessie
  • Lady Tremaine – Cinderella
  • Lilo – Girl from Lilo and Stitch
  • Madam Medusa – The Rescuers
  • Madam Mim – The Sword in the Stone
  • Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
  • Megara – Hercules
  • Merida – Brave
  • Minnie – (Mouse)
  • Moana
  • Mother Gothel – Tangled
  • Mulan
  • Nancy Tremaine – Enchanted
  • Nani Pelekai – Lilo & Stitch
  • Pocahontas
  • Rapunzel – Tangled
  • Roz – Monsters Inc
  • Snow White
  • Tiana – The Princess and the Frog
  • Tinker Bell / Tink – Peter Pan
  • Ursula – The Little Mermaid
  • Willow – Grandmother to Pocahontas
  • Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

Do you remember these Disney cats?

If you have to pick, which name is your favorite? Let us know below.

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