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Aristocats Names – Perfect for Your Kitten

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This year the classic Disney movie The Aristocats turns 45. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since the film about a family of aristocratic cats and their alley-cat friends hit theaters. So many of us grew up watching the classic tale, and while it may not be as popular as other Disney movies, it’s still a fun, nostalgic movie with plenty of inspiration for cat names. Since it’s been so long, here’s a refresher on the plot and the Aristocats names.

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The Story

The setting is Paris 1910. Retired opera diva Madame Adelaide Bonfamille lives with her butler Edgar and four cats, Duchess and her kittens, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. While preparing her will, Madame declares her fortune to be left to her cats until their deaths and then to Edgar. However, the greedy Edgar oversees this and plans to get rid of the cats.

He tries to abandon them in the countryside but is ambushed by two hounds. Stranded, the Aristocats meet alley cat Thomas O’Malley who offers to guide them back to Paris. The group has several adventures along the way, including a fun time with O’Malley’s musical friend Scat Cat.

The cats eventually make it back to Madame’s mansion but are quickly snatched by Edgar, who places them in a sack and prepares to ship them to Timbuktu. Scat Cat and his gang heroically save the day by fighting Edgar. The evil butler is locked in a packing case and shipped to Timbuktu himself! When Madame finds out about what her “friend” has done, she rewrites the will to exclude him and soon welcomes O’Malley into the family. The movie closes with Madame establishing a charity foundation to house the stray cats of Paris.

Aristocats Names

The Aristocats features bundles of cute cats and many animal friends who helped them along the way.  Use these Aristocats names to find a great name for your cat!

  • Duchess – As the female protagonist of the movie, Duchess is Madame Adelaide’s cat and mother of three kittens. She falls in love with Thomas O’Malley and is forced to choose her life at home or a life with Thomas.
  • Toulouse – Toulouse is the oldest kitten. He aspires to meet a tough alley cat which is why he adores Thomas so much and sees him as a father figure. He acts very tough at times and often gets on his sisters’ nerves.
  • Marie – She is the middle and only female kitten. Not only is she very bossy at times, but she also believes that by being female, she is the best of the three kittens. She, like Toulouse, grows to love Thomas like a father.
  • Berlioz – As the youngest kitten, he is somewhat timid and shy.
  • Thomas O’Malley – The friendly alley cat who finds Duchess and her kittens stranded in the woods and befriends them, becoming a father figure to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess.
  • Scat Cat – Thomas’s best friend and leader of a group of music-loving alley cats. He plays the trumpet.
  • Shun Gon – (The Siamese Cat) A member of Scat Cat’s gang. He plays the piano and drums.
  • Hit Cat – (the English Cat) A member of Scat Cat’s gang who lays acoustic guitar.
  • Peppo – (the Italian Cat) Plays the accordion in Scat Cat’s band.
  • Billy Boss – (the Russian Cat) Plays cello bass guitar in Scat Cat’s band.
  • Napoleon – A Bloodhound farm dog who attacks Edgar when he intrudes in the farm, and in the process saves the lives of Duchess and her kittens. Napoleon insists that is the leader, but whenever cohort Lafayette makes a suggestion, he criticizes the idea, then proceeds to adopt it as his own.
  • Lafayette – A basset hound and Napoleon’s friend. Although Napoleon insists he’s the leader of the farm dogs, Layayette sometimes proves to be smarter.
  • Roquefort – A mouse is who is friends with the cats. He tries to find the cats after they’re taken but is unsuccessful.
  • Frou Frou – Roquefort’s horse companion who plays a part in subduing Edgar.
  • Abigail and Amelia Gabble – Twin geese who stumble upon the cats and help them make their way home.

We hope this list of Aristocats names brings back some great memories and helps you in your cat name search.

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    This was a very lovely article and has been a great help to me today for my daughters to choose a name for their new white kitten-Duchess
    Thank you!

  2. Joseph Moulder aged 29 years

    Well Edgar has certainly been shipped off to Timbuktu after his defeat so Thomas O’ Malley, Duchess, Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz shall continue their life in Paris alone with Madame, Georges and all of their new friends.

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