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White Cat Names – 75+ Awesome Names for Your White Cat

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You can find inspiration for white cat names in many different places.

Their beautiful white fur is gorgeous for starters and gives these cats a sweet, pure feel. Unlike black cats, white cats are considered more innocent and angelic, although their owners may tell a different story.

white cat names

If you are lucky enough to get a white cat, giving this bundle of fur a white-inspired name is a wonderful idea. We searched high and low and have an extensive assortment of white cat names below!

White Cat Names Inspired by Nature, Weather & the Seasons

  • Blizzard – A blur of white, just like your cat.
  • Winter – This season is correlated with white snow and makes a cool name.
  • Frosty – A cute name that pairs perfectly with a white cat.
  • Ice – (or Icicle) Cool and cute at the same time.
  • Snowball – A classic name for white cats.
  • Snowflake – (or Snowy) a great winter weather name.
  • January – Named after the super cold, often snowy month.
  • Sky – At times the sky is clear and pale in color.
  • Luna – A trendy name that is perfect if your cat has a bit of a silver-ish tint.
  • Lunar – Another good name for a silver-ish tint.
  • Cloud – Another white fluffy thing.
  • Nimbus – Like the white rain cloud.
  • Alaska – This state is known for its snowy white terrain.
  • Everest – Mount Everest, the Earth’s highest point, is recognized for its white-capped mountain top.
  • Misty – Mist is often white and flowing.
  • Polar – Like those adorable white polar bears.
  • Avalanche – action-packed snow name.
  • Nimbus – like a fluffy white cloud.
  • Chilly – cute sounding name for the cold.
  • Jack Frost – Wintery & proper sounding name.
  • Snow White – Well known character and wintery name.

White Cat Named Based on Religion and Faith

  • Angel – Your cat is a little cherub, so why not name him/her Angel?
  • Faith – White often corresponds with religious terms, like Faith.
  • Hope – Or Hope.
  • Dove – Like the sweet white bird.
  • Love – A pure, beautiful emotion.
  • Harmony – Another beautiful, graceful name.
white cat with blue eyes

Funny White Cat Names

  • Al Bino – We can’t stop laughing about this funny play on albino.
  • Powder – Like powder sugar or baby powder. Or the ’90s movie about a bald albino.
  • Cotton – White and fluffy. Sounds like your furbaby.
  • Chalky – We bet no one else will have this silly white cat name.
  • Q-Tip – Hehe, this name is silly and fun.
  • Flakey – Funny and kinda cute.
  • Domino – For the game with white tiles. If your cat has a black nose, it’s absolutely perfect!
  • Talcum – A white clay mineral. Science geeks will love you if you pick this name.
  • Tic Tac – For the Freshmint flavor.
  • Yeti – Like the big white creature found in the woods.
  • Whitey – A fun play on your cat’s color!
  • Charmin – Like the toilet paper. You’ll take some teasing if you pick this name, but it’s so worth it.
  • Alabaster – This white mineral also makes a fun cat name.
  • Marilyn Meow – Another beauty with white-ish locks.
  • Vanilla Ice – The 90’s rapper.

‘White’ in Other Languages

  • Bianco – Italian – Male
  • Bianca – Italian – Female
  • Blanco – Spanish – Male
  • Blanca – Spanish – Female
  • Wit – Dutch
  • Blanc – French
  • Weiß – German
  • Finn – Irish – Male
  • Fionn – Irish – Female
  • Shiro – Japanese
  • Zima – Winter in Russian

Halloween White Cat Names

  • Ghost – A great option for Halloween lovers.
  • Bones – Perfect if you have a cat who thinks he’s a dog.
  • Casper – Named after the friendly ghost.
  • Buffy – Like the vampire slayer.
  • Boo – How cute is this name? It still implies Halloween without being so literal.
  • Spooky – Or you can go full force into the scary factor.

White Cat Names Based on Food & Drinks

  • Sugar – White and super sweet. Sound familiar?
  • Egg – (or Eggy) How funny is this?
  • Rice – Hey, rice is white, too.
  • Coconut – If you have wanderlust for somewhere tropical, this is a fun name to consider.
  • Milky – A playful, fun name based on the white drink.
  • Marshmallow – Marshmallows are white and fluffy, like your kitten.
  • Noodles – Another common white food.
  • Vanilla – Whoever said vanilla was boring is seriously delusional.
  • Cream – Beautiful and cool all at the same time.
  • Salty – (or Salt) A unique name for your white furball.
  • Peppermint – Delicious wintery candies.
  • Bailey – Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  • Brie – Delicious creamy cheese.
  • China – The white dish ware.
white cat side view

White Flowers Perfect for White Cat Names

  • Jasmine – Named after the white, beautiful plant.
  • Lily – Like the cute white flower.
  • Gardenia – If you like the flower idea but want something a little more unique, Gardenia is a fun choice.
  • Magnolia – Or Magnolia.
  • Oleander – This name is gorgeous and unique.
  • Daisy – Super cute, simple name!

White Cat Names Inspired by Precious Stones

  • Diamond – Shine bright like a diamond!
  • Ivory – Such a cool, unique name that fits your cat’s coloring.
  • Crystal – Crystal is shiny and white-ish, making a perfect white cat name.
  • Pearl – White and beautiful, just like your cat. Love this name!
  • Opal – This beautiful, iridescent substance is often white in color.

Fancy White Cat Names

  • King – After all, your cat is the king of your house.
  • Queen – Or maybe the queen of your house?
  • Lux – Short for luxury. Ah, yes.
  • Royal – Your cat acts like royalty, so why not call it out.
  • Ritsy – Or go with a cute name like Ritsy.
  • Prince – If King or Queen isn’t your style, try out Prince.
  • Princess – or Princess
  • Duke – Or more nobility from Duke.
  • Duchess – or Duchess.
  • Elsa – The white princess.

If you’re not sold on one of these white cat names, check out our online cat name generator to find other options—sort by your preferred style or your hobbies and interests. You’re sure to find the perfect cat name!

Here are some other good sources for names:

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  1. Edsdaughter

    How about, for a fat white cat, Avalanche. I thought of the name “white-out,” a snow that restricts visibility or white-out for the liquid you use on paper for mistakes.

  2. coleen

    Oh, I love these names! how about cupcake? isn’t it cute? one of the other names I like is cotten, so cute!!!

  3. Jayme Balmer

    We named our white kitten Blanca.. female pronoun for Blanco.

  4. Thomas

    I like all the name I do not know which one!

  5. Nancy GarciA

    I love Alaska and winter ,but I think I’m going with alaska

  6. Mariah Carey

    If i ever have a kitten or even a cat thats gray or black im gonna call her/him ‘bones’ ever since i came across bones the name i fell in love with it, its such a cute and adorable name for a cat or pet.

  7. freya hoejbelg

    marshmallow is good

  8. Alkina Maverick

    I’ll pick Shiro. It’s adorable since I am an anime fan

  9. Laura

    I had 3 white cats, 3 girls, and we have Luna for the one with short hair and green eyes, Lola for the long hair and green eyes and Ivy for the short hair and blue eyes and by the way the grey tabby and long hair one is George and the black short haired girl we have Nyx (the Greek goodness of the Nyx/the Greek night itself/the darkness) and fun fact they have an uncle (along side grandma and kitten aunts) that is a street cat that e we take care and we always called him “Pretinho” (roughly “little black” translate from Portuguese) and now my mom and dad call him Nyxson, like a Male version of Nyx cause they both are black and green eyed 🤣🤣

  10. Robert Wayne

    Yeah my last cat was Mim and Miko so in that same vain Shiro!

  11. Jill Meli

    Cream Puff or fluff, coconut, 🥥 powder, mellow
    Or marshy

  12. Theresa Koch

    Thank you ower Kitty’s name is cream puff

  13. Purrl's Gramma

    Our kitty Purrl is all white but was born with a black spot on her head, that faded away. She is a beauty and has her own Youtube Channel even. We wanted a name that was different, so did not want to use the normal spelling of Pearl. She is 100% deaf and has heterochromia (odd color eyes). One golden copper eye and one blue. We adore her!

  14. David

    I love these names me and my gf have a white cat but we couldn’t figure out a name so thanks for this my girlfriend loves the name luna so do i

  15. lisa

    Going to pick my white kitten up from the shelter in an hour. They call her angel im thinking winter,peppermint, or ms. freeze!

  16. Jade

    My friend from slum area come as good friendly

  17. Jess

    How about snowy? My cat is snowball the cat. Or ballsnow the cat!!!

  18. Aylin

    It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 12 my dad got me a fluffy white kitten and I had a great idea to call it Neve (Italian for snow) feel free to use this idea! And have a great day

  19. Lorri

    My little girl is Sky Lilly…💖

  20. Lori Davidson

    I love the names for my white kittens, Jasmine and Lily, white flowers.

  21. Courtney

    My suggestion for a name for a pure white cat is Chrissy Snow, which was Suzanne Somers’s name in Three’s Company

  22. Christopher Wei

    Why there’s no “Victoria” ?

  23. Emma

    thx so much….
    mines now called neve ! :)

  24. Victoria

    I named my two cats Lovely and puffy.Plus my name is Victoria.

  25. Eisley Van Ensley

    My cat is white and tan color. She’s a diluted orange tabby. I named her BEIJING but most of the time I call her JINGLES, Baby JINGLES, BEIJINGLE, Baby G or BEIJINGY. She’s the most beautiful and awesome cat ever! I love you BEIJINGY!!

  26. Eisley Van Ensley

    And at Christmas time I call her Jingle Bells!

  27. olivia

    how about pumkin that is such a cute name but daisy is such a cute name my name.

  28. Courtney Benton

    My name suggestion for a female white cat is “Chrissy Snow” a name from “Three’s Company”

  29. saheli nimsara

    it has very beautiful names for cats.

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