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Top Cat Names of 2023 [Infographic]

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The results are in! We’re excited to announce the top cat names of 2023, as determined by the 1.4 million new cat owners who have used our site so far this year.

Daisy is the new number-one pick for female cat names, and Apollo skyrocketed to number-one for male cat names.

Are you curious to see what other names topped the charts? Check out the lists below to find out what is trending now.

The Top 100 Cat Names of 2023

Top Female Cat Names

  1. Daisy
  2. Freya
  3. Violet
  4. Grace
  5. Opal
  6. Bean
  7. Bella
  8. Biscuit
  9. Jinx
  10. Abby (Abigail)
  11. Olive
  12. Ivy
  13. Echo
  14. Luna
  15. Aurora
  16. Ophelia
  17. Calypso
  18. Cora
  19. Duchess
  20. Amethyst
  21. Bell (Belle)
  22. Esme
  23. Nyx
  24. Ava
  25. Chantilly
  26. Coco (Cocoa)
  27. Lady
  28. Agatha
  29. Phoebe
  30. Sadie
  31. Amelie
  32. Addison
  33. Aspen
  34. Rose (Rosie)
  35. Angel
  36. Primrose (Prim)
  37. Willow
  38. Ambrosia
  39. Eloise
  40. Kiki
  41. Sage
  42. Alice
  43. Cleo
  44. Pepper
  45. Buttercup
  46. Cordelia
  47. Harper
  48. Kiwi
  49. Octavia
  50. Zelda

Top Male Cat Names

  1. Apollo
  2. Binx
  3. Atlas
  4. Asher
  5. Monet
  6. Figaro
  7. Biscuit
  8. Cosmo
  9. Bear
  10. Arlo
  11. Archie
  12. Felix
  13. Banjo
  14. Milo
  15. Tiger
  16. Axel
  17. Charlie
  18. Levi
  19. Jasper
  20. Caesar (Ceasar)
  21. Shiloh (Shilo)
  22. Archer
  23. Atticus
  24. Nyx
  25. Bacon
  26. Coco (Cocoa)
  27. Squirt
  28. Winston
  29. Loki
  30. Scout
  31. Yoshi
  32. Zeke
  33. Bingo
  34. Blue (Blu)
  35. Gizmo
  36. Orion
  37. A.J.
  38. Ash
  39. Duke
  40. Jupiter
  41. Bandit
  42. Basil
  43. Moon
  44. Echo
  45. Meeko
  46. Oliver
  47. Ziggy
  48. Ace
  49. Angus
  50. Casper

Ranking Updates for 2023

Female Names

This year Daisy is at the top of the chart. It’s always been a popular name but has been climbing in the last two years. Nala had ranked number one for the past five years, and it’s finally dropped in popularity, probably due to Lion King being a less-featured title.

Bella was once the most popular cat name and a trendy dog name – but has moved down in rank.

Favorites Daisy, Luna, and Coco remain popular picks, and new to the list are Agatha and Aurora.

Male Names

Recently, Apollo enjoyed a meteoric rise and shot up to the top spot for males.

The previous winner, Simba, has dropped similar to its female counterpart, Nala. It had previously led the list for five years.

Binx, Bear, and Milo are continual feline favorites and remain on the most popular list. Cosmo, Bandit, and Atlas are rising in the ranks, all newcomers to the top 10.

Top Cat Names Video

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Popular Cat Names by Category

What distinguishes Find Cat Names from other cat-naming websites is that it sorts names by categories relevant to you and your cat. As a result, we feel like this is a great way to find names without sorting through endless A-Z lists.

Top Cute Cat Names

Year after year, our most popular category is “Cute.” After all, cute cats deserve cute names!

  1. Autumn
  2. Opal
  3. Amber
  4. Bailey
  5. Rose
  6. Cleo
  7. Arlo
  8. Angel
  9. Ava
  10. Hazel

Top Tough Cat Names

Tough names is also a popular category, especially for boy cats. Many new kitten parents love strong-sounding names that reflect their kitten’s tenacious personality.

  1. Raven
  2. Bandit
  3. Freya
  4. Shadow
  5. Roxy
  6. Midnight
  7. Jinx
  8. Axel
  9. Ebony
  10. Lucifer
cat with food

Most Popular Sports Names

The top sports names come from great athletes (Tiger from golf, Ali from boxing, Dotty from baseball) and general sports-related terms like Blitz.

  1. Moon
  2. Bear
  3. Piper
  4. Ali
  5. Tiger
  6. Bandit
  7. Blitz
  8. Fuzzy
  9. Dottie
  10. Blaze

Most Popular Food Names

Once again, it looks like cat owners love the idea of naming their furry pals after foods. Food names like Bacon, Buttercup, Biscuit, Kiwi, Waffles, and Skittles composed much of the list.

  1. Biscuit
  2. Oreo
  3. Cookie
  4. Kiwi
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Buttercup
  7. Ginger
  8. Mocha
  9. Cherry
  10. Olive
cat with glasses and a hat

Popular TV/Movie Cat Names

Movies and TV shows always provide great inspiration, and Disney is usually top of mind, hence why Simba and Nala are consistently popular names. Those names aside, here are ideas inspired by TV shows and movies.

  1. Nala
  2. Felix
  3. Rocky
  4. Bambi
  5. Figaro
  6. Milo
  7. Dixie
  8. Belle
  9. Alice
  10. Jinx

Popular Geeky Cat Names

Our geeky names are taken from technology and media that is considered ‘geeky.’ Geeks are fantastic, and so are these names!

  1. Finn
  2. Gizmo
  3. Yoshi
  4. Buffy
  5. Princess
  6. Nebula
  7. Neo
  8. Xena
  9. Java
  10. Chewie


Here’s our infographic from all the data we gathered. Feel free to reuse this with a link back to findcatnames.com.

top cat names of 2023 infographic

Try running a cat name search to find even more great cat names!

How are the results determined? 
Our site allows users to save their favorite names as they search, so to determine the most popular names of the year, we pulled this data and compiled the results.

About Find Cat Names
Founded in March 2014, Find Cat Names provides a fun, interactive experience for new cat owners looking for just the right pet name. The site allows users to sort names by preferred style and interests. More than 2 million people use Find Cat Names each year when picking a name for their cat.


  1. Teddi Begley

    Nobody has the name JETT! that is the best name for my black cat!

  2. Anika Wagner

    Good idea! Jett is a good name!

  3. DJ

    Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
    Whiskers Meowington the 3rd

  4. Shari

    Our cats names are Tyra and Misty! <3

  5. Jerry

    We call our newest addition Gabby, because she talks constantly even while eating.

  6. Birgit Hanson

    MrCotton, Himself, Shadow, Handsome, Hunter, Brian, Diva, Mooch, Popeye, Gidget, Fluffer, Radar, Pebbles, Bonnie and Clyde, OJ (Orange juice), Peanut, QB (Queen Bee), Jingles, BG (Big Guy), Pepper, Scarlett to name some we have and had.

  7. Hawk

    Our two black cats were Onyx and Cinders. I’ve also had a Penny Royal (nicknamed Peewee) and Mugwort (nicknamed Mugsy), just to name a few. :)

  8. J.R.

    Spider & Willis (our past 2 black cats), Calli Mae, Baby, Shelly, Odie, Kiki, Dexy, Trixie and currently we have Cat-a-Lina & Pushy

  9. Nadinetabakman

    I just got a all white cat need a good name help

  10. Christy Pace

    Snow, whitey, cotton, gingi, vanilla kitty, princess, fluffy, lizzy. I can’t think of another. Look at white paint swatches and see if you can find a cute name that way. All white is a hard name to find. Look at baby names as sometimes you can find something good, good luck

  11. Oasis the SandWing

    we named our two cats mouse and catcher so when you put them together it says mouse catcher
    i love my girls

  12. Jinifer Lambert

    I’m wanting names for my baby kittens, two males and two females! One male is black and the other three are gray striped!

  13. Jinifer Ranae

    I’m thinking of naming the two boys Bagheera and Raja! The two girls Megara and Moana! Any other name ideas, please help!

  14. A.B.

    Powder is a good name for a white cat.

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