Black and White Cat Names – 49+ Awesome Names for Your Cat

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Black and white cat names are a must if you get a cat with these colorings! They perfectly sum up your cat’s appearance in a fun and clever way, don’t you think?

When compiling this list, we found inspiration in many different places, including famous cats, food, others in the animal kingdom and much more.

Black and white cat names

Black and White Cat Names – Famous Cats

  • Sylvester – When it comes to famous black and white cat names, you can’t forget about Sylvester, the famous Looney Toons character who loved to chase Tweety bird.
  • Felix – Felix the black and white cat was created during the silent film era and is perhaps the world’s most famous cat of these colorings.
  • Figaro – The sweet black and white cat in Pinocchio.
  • Socks – The name of Chelsea Clinton’s bicolored cat when she was growing up in the White House.

Black and White Cat Names – Other Animals (Real and Cartoon)

  • Penguin – A fun, sweet name for cats.
  • Puffin – The name of this other black and white bird (this guy has a distinctive orange beak) makes a super cute cat name.
  • Zebra – Another black and white animal to name your cat after.
  • Orca – The Orca whale is black with white spots.
  • Whaley – Along those lines, you could also name your cat Whaley.
  • Shamu – Or Shamu after the famous SeaWorld whale.
  • Panda – How cute would it be to name your cat panda after the black and white bear?
  • Skunk – OK, this might not be the nicest of the black and white cat names, but it sure is funny.
  • Pepe Le Pew – A classic Warner Bros. character, Pepe Le Pew is a romance-loving skunk.
  • Pongo – The father of the 101 Dalmatians.
  • Snoopy – Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in Peanuts is also black and white. It’d be a funny, ironic touch to name your cat after an iconic dog.
  • Mickey – Mickey Mouse, one of the most popular characters in the world, is also a black and white creature.
  • Minnie – Likewise, so is Minnie Mouse. How cute is this for a female black and white cat?
Black and white cat names

Black and White Cat Names – Foods

  • Oreo – Oreo cookies are a delicious combination of chocolate cookies with a sweet creme frosting. A combo of black and white and a cute name for your cat.
  • Sundae – If you’re looking for a syrupy, fun name, Sundae is sweet choice.
  • Cookie – When someone says the word cookie, the first thing most people think about is chocolate chip cookies, a combo of light and dark.
  • Pepper Saltman – When it comes to black and white stuff, the first things that come to mind for many are salt and pepper. This is a fun play on those two spices.
  • Junior Mint – This yummy candy is tiny and also black and white in color, a perfect name for an itty bitty cat with these colorings.
  • Peppermint Patty – This classic candy is dark on the outside and white on the inside. For black and white cat names, this is sweet and feminine.
  • Latte – Black coffee and white milk.
Black and white cat names

Black and White Cat Names – Patterns

  • Spot – Another cool wave of inspiration for black and white cat names is to name your cat after the pattern in their fur. If they have spots, go with that!
  • Dot (Dottie) – Or if it’s a girl cat, call her Dot.
  • Freckles – This is an adorable name if your cat has a freckled pattern.
  • Patches – Or maybe the markings look like they’re patched together.
  • Inky – With pets, it can look like the black coloring is ink blots on white fur.
  • Speckle – Great for a cat with some pattern variation.
  • Blizzard – Like a whiteout snowstorm.
Black and white cat names

Black and White Cat Names – Other Cool Ideas

  • Tux – (Tuxedo) Although they come in other colors, most tuxedos are black and white.
  • Checkers – This is one of our favorite options. A checkers board is often black and white in color.
  • Dice – Another black & white game option.
  • Yin Yang – In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how opposite or contrary forces (represented by white and black) are actually connected.
  • Spade – One of four suits on playing cards, this is a sharp name for a male cat.
  • Cruella – If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing with. If you’re got a naughty female cat, the black-and white-haired villain from 101 Dalmatians is a fun name option.
  • Charlie Chaplin – A famous icon of the silent movie era, Charlie Chaplin is synonymous with black and white films.
  • Domino – The classic game is white with black dots and makes an adorable cat name.
  • Keys – Like black and white piano keys.
  • Harlequin – The Harlequin print, a bold diamond design, is often in black and white.
  • Jeeves – The famous fictional butler wears a black and white tuxedo that looks a lot like your cat’s fur. How fun, sophisticated and cheeky is this name?
  • Butler – Similar to the above name
  • Star – Just like the sky black with white stars.
  • Mittens – Does your cat have feet colorations that stand out?
  • Boots – Another great option for cats with unique feet.
  • Shadow – Cool sounding name for a white cat with a black shadow across it.
  • Bandit – Tough sounding name for a cat with a possible mask.
  • Jazz (Jazzy) – Classy sounding name that fits well with the b&w theme.
  • Soccer – After the classically black and white ball.
  • Charlie Chaplin – Famous b&w movie star.
  • Priest – For their black and white garb.
  • Zorro – The dashing swordsman.
  • Puzzles – Like the b&w crossword  or other puzzle games.
  • Ghost – For mostly white cats with some black.
  • Phantom – Similar to ghost, but fancier!
  • Smokey – A cloudy mix of black and white.
  • Maestro – Conductor who often wears black & white.

Sometimes cats are predominately black with just a little bit of white mixed in or vice versa. If you’re not feeling the black and white cat names vibe, check out these black cat names and white cat names.

Or you can search for cat names by category!

And if you think of any cool black and white cat names to add to the list, let us know below.

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  1. Oreo or panda

    Oreo, panda and cookies where my fav i think im naming my cat oreo or panda

  2. YEY

    THESE NAMES ARE SOOOOO CUTE <3 Does anybody think 'Senpai' would be a good cat name?? =^-^=

  3. Donna Ortiz

    Had a litter of 5 black and white kittens❤ thanks you were so helpful!

  4. Family

    What is a good name for a black and white male cat

  5. Mrs Deb J Aimes

    Hurcule is a good name

  6. Cailyn M.

    I have a tuxedo cat and i named him Teddy.
    Me and my family rescued him from a pizza store. He is ADORABLE.

  7. Niamh Carter

    I am a soccer fan so does anyone think a good name for a little grey kitten would be Messi or Ranaldo????????????????????

  8. chris

    Thanks for the names they were helpful

  9. X.mollyk.X

    What’s a good name for a black and white male cat ?

  10. Zev

    Miss Cat Cow Mooella

  11. Laura Hudson Grant

    I just rescued a female 2-3 yr old tuxedo who is very shy. All white tummy, chest and legs. Black back and tail. Any suggestions?

  12. Leighanne

    I have a little black and white kitten we thought was male was named flash took to the vets they said was a girl so changed name to orca which absolutely suited her but now it’s looking like I was right in the first place and it’s a boy…. can I still name him orca???

  13. Ross

    Yey. Oreo good name my kitten is named Oreo

  14. Marie

    All real cute names…im getting 2 black n white kittens for my son and he loves oreo cookies…so we are prob gonna name them Oreo and Domino…..

  15. Lily

    Can you make a name for my friend Cayley he has a cat and doesn’t know what to name it it has a orange diamond on it head he needs help he into knights and video games

  16. bob

    We call ours B.W.

  17. Gina Swanson

    What do you think of Coco for a blake and white cat

  18. Gray

    Any unique names for a black and white cat?

  19. Andrew Martin

    i have 2 black and white cats called mickey and minnie

  20. Andrew Martin

    i have 2 black and white cats called mickey and minnie the boy is missing

  21. Willow Swanger

    I’m going to name my cat Loki

  22. Willow Swanger

    We found six kittens with no mom so I took the black and white one I’ll name him Loki

  23. Lily

    My cat’s name is wayyyyyy better then all of yours his name is “Ozark”

  24. Lisa Eagan

    I’ve finally decided after a couple of weeks to name my. 2 month old. Kitten. Charlie Chaplin

  25. Hannah Helms

    Ghost was my fave.
    I named my kitten Ghost cuz I love it

  26. Hannah Helms

    I have a kitten so does my sister . mines name is Ghost the other ones name is Rosalina my six year old sister named her after super mario galaxy

  27. Hannah Helms

    I have a kitten so does my sister . mines name is Ghost the other ones name is Rosalina mnamed her after super mario galaxyy six year old sister

  28. Hannah Helms

    sorry my sister was messing with the keyboard

  29. xander

    im thinking about nameing my cat Dice

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