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Opa! Greek Cat Names – 55+ Amazing Names for Your Cat

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If you’re looking at names for your new kitten, Greek cat names are a gorgeous, unique choice!

Why? They pay homage to an ancient culture that has shaped our modern world in more ways than we realize and to a bright and beautiful country.

Greek cat names - cat on ledge in Greece

We’ve drawn inspiration from many different places, including geography, Greek mythology, popular human names, and more. Hopefully, you’ll find a name that fits your cat perfectly!

Greek Cat Names Inspired by Geography

Greece is home to some of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Crystal blue waters, stunning mountains, and ancient ruins glow in the Mediterranean sun. When gathering Greek cat names, we found that popular cities, regions, and islands provide excellent inspiration for names and pay tribute to a fantastic locale so many of us would love to visit. 

  • Athens – The capital and largest city in Greece. It’s one of the world’s oldest cities, widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy.
  • Volos – A coastal port city situated midway on the Greek mainland.
  • Crete – The largest and most populous of the Greek islands.
  • Kalamata – A large city in Southern Greece and home to the Kalamata olive.
  • Santorini – An island in the southern Aegean Sea, just over 100 miles southeast of Greece’s mainland.
  • Mykonos – A Greek island that also makes a great Greek cat name.
  • Patmos – A small Greek island in the Aegean Sea that is the location of  both the vision of and the writing of the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation.
  • Hydra – One of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf.
  • Samos – A Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea that is quite close to the mainland.
  • Rhodes – The largest of the Dodecanese islands.
  • Milos – A volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete.
  • Katerini – A town in Central Macedonia, Greece.

Female Greek Cat Names

We recommend checking out these female names popular in Greece for girl cats. We’ve also included their traditional meaning, so you get the full scope of the name. 

  • Aleksandrya – helper and defender of mankind
  • Anastasia – resurrection
  • Calliope – beautiful voice
  • Callista – beautiful
  • Charissa – hope
  • Cyrena – sea nymph
  • Damara – gentle girl
  • Delphina – little girl
  • Feodora – God given
  • Gaia – earth
  • Iyonna – gracious
  • Konstantina – God, perfect
  • Kyra – enthroned
  • Nastassia – resurrection
  • Panagiota – holy
  • Persephone – the daughter of Zeus and Demeter in Greek mythology
  • Petrina – a rock
  • Venus – love and beauty
greek cat relaxing

Male Greek Cat Names

These male names are quite popular in this ancient country and have a distinct Greek sound.

  • Alexandros / Alexander – defending men
  • Anastasios – resurrection
  • Calix – very handsome
  • Cosmo – order, universe
  • Damaris – gentle
  • Dimitur /Dimitris – lover of the Earth
  • Evangelos – messenger, angel
  • Nyke – victory, speed and triumph
  • Orion – son of fire
  • Pericles – a man with honor
  • Spiros – large basket
  • Taryn – king of rocky hill
  • Theron –  hunter
  • Xanthe – yellow, bright, golden-haired – a great name for a cat with this coloring.
cat in Greece next to pottery

Greek Cat Names Inspired by Mythology

We all know at least a bit of Greek mythology. It was taught to us in school and still surrounds us today in random different ways. Like the Athena Award for distinguished female scholar/athletes or the saying “Hotter than Hades.” All trace back to Greek mythology! 

  • Zeus – King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus.
  • Hera – A Greek goddess and the wife of Zeus.
  • Aphrodite – Goddess of beauty, love and desire.
  • Apollo – God of music, arts, knowledge and many other things.
  • Ares – God of war and violence.
  • Athena – Goddess of wisdom, intelligence, skill, battle strategy and handicrafts.

For more names like this, check out our mythical cat names.

cat in Greek city

Mstyslav Chernov via Wikimedia Commons

Other Fun Greek Cat Names

Here is more inspiration for fun, authentic Greek cat names. 

  • Agora – Open market place, present in ancient Greek cities.
  • Ethos – Characteristics specific to a person or culture.
  • Feta – Hailing from Greece, Feta is a brined curd white cheese made from sheep’s milk or from a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk.
  • Tzatziki – Dip comprised of yogurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil.
  • Pita – A soft, slightly leavened flatbread.
  • Filo – A very thin, unleavened dough used for making pastries
  • Gyro – A pita sandwich or the rotisserie cooked meat it contains.
  • Moussaka – A greek dish that includes eggplant, potato or ground beef.
  • Baklava – A rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with nuts and sweetened with honey or yummy syrup.

Greece is a country so rich in culture, history, and beauty. So giving your new cat a Greek-inspired name is a lovely idea. If you’re on the fence with these names, however, but know you want an international moniker, we have plenty of ideas, like:

And if you have any other ideas for Greek cat names, we’d love to hear them!

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