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Fabulous Russian Cat Names – 55+ Powerful Names for Your Cat

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Russian cat names are distinct, fun, and unique.

Do you have Russian heritage? Do you have a Russian cat breed? Or do you simply enjoy Russian culture?

Russian cat names - grey cat

If you answered yes to any of these and are looking for a cat name with a Russian flare, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some pretty cool ideas for Russian cat names for felines of any kind.

Male Russian Cat Names

Below is a list of the most popular male names in Russia today, along with their traditional meaning. 

  • Alexander – protector of mankind
  • Anatoly – sunrise
  • Anton – worthy of praise
  • Boris – fighter
  • Valentin – strength, health
  • Valery –also strength, health
  • Viktor – conqueror
  • Vlad – to rule
  • Vladimir – renowned prince
  • Sergey – protector, shepherd
  • Sasha – defending men
  • Ivan – God is gracious
  • Artem – named after the saint Artemius
  • Dmitry – earth lover
  • Maxim – the greatest
  • Egor – farmer
  • Roman – of Rome
  • Ilya – the Lord is my God
  • Vladislav – glorious rule
  • Kostya – diminutive of Konstantin
  • Yaroslav – glory of the sun
  • Mikhail – who is like God

Female Russian Cat Names

These rank among the top names for women in Russia and make excellent Russian cat names for your new kitten. 

  • Anastasia – resurrection
  • Nastya – Russian variant of Anastasia
  • Dasha – kingly or possess well
  • Olga – holy
  • Katya – pure
  • Irina – peace
  • Marina – from the sea
  • Polina – small
  • Daria – kingly or possess well
  • Natasha – birthday of the Lord
  • Elena (Yelena)  – bright, shining light
  • Ekaterina – pure
  • Svetlana – star
  • Oksana – praise to God
  • Anya – grace
  • Tatiana – of the Tatius clan
  • Olya – hearty, holy

Russian Terms of Endearment That Make Great Russian Cat Names

These sweet sayings also make fun names for your darling kitten. 

  • Lyubov Moya – my love
  • Solnyshko – small sun
  • Zolotse – my gold
  • Rybka – little fish
  • Myshka – little mouse
  • Zvezda – star

Other Cool Russian Cat Names

Here is some additional inspiration for uniquely Russian cat names. We’ve drawn from Russian cities, landmarks, foods, and more. 

  • Koshka – female cat
  • Koshechka – female kitten
  • Kot – male cat
  • Kotik – male kitten
  • Moscow – the capital and most populous city of Russia
  • Petersburg – inspired by Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia
  • Kremlin – a fortified complex at the heart of Moscow and home to the Russian president
  • Siberia – large, extensive area in northern Russia that gets exceptionally cold
  • Bliny – a thin Russian pancake
  • Stroganoff – a Russian dish of sautéed beef with sour cream
  • Kasha –Russian porridge
  • Paskha – a festive dish made in Eastern Orthodox countries like Russia
  • Solyanka – a popular soup in Russia with meat, fish or mushrooms
  • Ukha – a clear Russian soup

More International Cat Names

And if these names aren’t striking your fancy, we’ve got other international cat names to consider:

Crazy Facts about Russian Cat Breeds

Going back to the subject of Russian cat breeds, let’s talk about the beautiful felines native to the country.

Believe it or not, Russia has many indigenous cats.

The most popular is the Russian Blue, a striking cat with silvery gray fur that almost looks blue. The breed also possesses bright green eyes and pinkish lavender or mauve paws. Historians believe sailors took Russian Blues from the Archangel Isles to Great Britain in the 1800s, and the breed has since spread around the world.

Russian grey cat breed

Another popular Russian cat breed is the Siberian. This cat originated in Siberia but is now found all over the country. They have a bulky coat and thick fur to survive in the cold climate. How adorable is this face?

Cat in Russia on a flower print

For more information on Russian cats, including the Ural Rex, the Peterbald, and the Donskoy cat, check this out.

How to Teach Your Cat Its Name


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    I’m from Russia. Our common male cat names: Kuzya, Barsik, Murzik, Tisha, Vasya
    Female cat names: Murka, Asya, Bagira, Sonya, Sima

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