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Italian Cat Names – 55+ Beautiful Names for Your Cat

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Italy has beautiful landscapes, fantastic food, great wine, breathtaking artwork, fascinating history, and warm, welcoming people. It is known as one of the most fabulous places in the world, drawing visitors from around the globe who admire its culture and lifestyle. Even if they haven’t been there, many people are fans of the country and all it has to offer. If you are welcoming a new kitten into your home, how lovely to explore Italian cat names!

Italian cat names are beautiful, romantic, and exotic. What better for your beloved kitten!

a cat on a gondola with a bowl of spaghetti

Male Italian Cat Names

  • Bacio – Kiss in Italian.
  • Zitto – Quiet and silent. This may fit some cats but not others!
  • Esatto – “Exact” in Italian.
  • Tenero – Tender. Perfect for a snuggly cat.
  • Aldo – Old. A funny choice for a grumpy cat with an old-man attitude.
  • Cosmo – The universe. Harmony, in order.
  • Pelo – Hair or fur. A great option for a cat with a large mane!
  • Sonno – Meaning sleep in Italian, this is great for a lazy, sleep cat.
  • Augusto – Great, venerable.
  • Badare – Meaningful, to look after.
  • Dante – Everlasting, enduring.
  • Mario – Meaning sailor.
  • Alberto – Bright, nobility.
  • Giovanni – God is gracious.
  • Fabian – Bean grower.
  • Drago – Dragon.
  • Draco – Another word for Dragon.
  • Mattone – Brick, solid – a cool cat name.
  • Leonardo or Leo – Like a lion. Fitting for a cat.
  • Alessandro – Defender of mankind.
  • Guido – Forest guide.
  • Luigi – Famous in war.
  • Lupo – Wolf. It might be fitting for cats with attitude!
  • Volpe – The fox. What a suave, cool cat name.
  • Pazzo – Translated as “crazy,” this is perfect for kooky, energetic cats.
  • Adolfo – Noble, majestic wolf.
  • Anatolio – Sunrise, dawn. How pretty!
  • Horace – Timekeeper.
  • Salvatore – Savior.
  • Benito – Blessed.
  • Dominico – Belonging to the lord.
  • Rocco – Rest.
  • Stefano – A crown, garland.
  • Ruggiero – Famous warrior.
Italian cat names

Female Italian Cat Names

  • Donatella – Beautiful star.
  • Adrina – Happiness.
  • Torta – Italian cake.
  • Albina – White-skinned. Awesome for a white cat.
  • Farfalle – Butterfly. How pretty!
  • Uffa – An Italian sigh of distress.
  • Florentina – Flower. Gorgeous name!
  • Italia – Italy!
  • Olympia – From Olympus.
  • Stella – Star.
  • Alba – Meaning dawn, this is a gorgeous name that rolls off the tongue.
  • Ammiro – Translated as “I admire,” this is a sweet female cat name.
  • Alda – Long-lived.
  • Amara – Everlasting.
  • Bambi – Child.
  • Prima – Firstborn. A great name for your first cat!
  • Bianca – White. Consider this for a white cat.
  • Zola – Ball of earth.
  • Camilla – Unblemished character.
  • Evangelina – Bringer of good news.
  • Angelina – Little angel. Hopefully, the name rings true!
  • Carlotta – Strong. A modern twist on the popular Charlotte.
  • Aurelia – Golden. Use this for a cat with golden fur!
  • Callisto – Most beautiful.
  • Lucia – Light.
  • Valentina – Vigorous, powerful. A great name for a strong-willed cat.
  • Ottavia – Born eighth.
  • Pia – Pious. A good name for a well-behaved kitten. Or you could use it ironically for a naughty cat.
  • Quorra – Heart.

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    There s nothing like a pun to make people smile, so try one of these cat pun names for your favorite feline. Actress Kate Winslet gets her name put through the cat pun meter. And admit it: Your cat s vocalizations can sound like whining, especially close to dinnertime.

  2. Karen May Ure

    I named my cat Scemo

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    my kittens real name is max like on secret life of pets but in a kitten way and my other kittens name is baker like baker mainfeild on a football team

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