Awesome German Cat Names – 55+ Wunderbar Name Ideas

Guten tag! So you’re looking at German cat names, eh? That’s a great idea!

German names have a distinct ring to them and there’s little chance another cat parent you know will pick the same name. And if you have German heritage or just a love of the country, you’ll definitely want to check these out.

Traditional Male German Cat Names

The following names are quite popular in Germany and are great for cats as well. We’ve included their traditional meanings to give you a full picture of the name and what it represents.

Arlo – hill

Arnold – eagle power

Axel – my father is peace

Bach – lives by the stream

Bruno – brown one

Claus – victory of the people

Dirk – famous ruler

Felix – happy and prosperous

Franz – free

Fritz – peace ruler

Gunther – war army

Hansel – God is gracious

Hans – also God is gracious

Kaiser – leader

Max – greatest

Otto – wealth

Rolf – famous wolf

Siegfried – victorious

Wolfgang – wolf way

German Cat Names

Traditional Female German Cat Names

These names are considered traditional female names in Germany. Each has a distinctly German feel and are lovely names for your female cat.

Anka – grace

Britta – exalted, lofty

Brunhilde – dark or noble

Elsa – short form of Elizabeth

Frau or Fraulein – meaning Mrs. and miss respectively

Frieda – peace, joy

Fritzi – peace rule

Gretchen – a pearl

Greta – also a pearl

Heidi – of noble kin

Helga – holy

Hilda – battle

Liesel – god is my oath

Lola – sorrows

Marta – lady

Mischa – who is God?

Sofie – wisdom

Trudi – spear strength

Ursula – female bear

Zelda – woman warrior


German Cat Names Based on Location

Another option is to use the name of a German location.

Berlin – the capital of Germany

Munich – a large city in south Germany

Hamburg –  the second largest city in the country

Frankfurt – a historic city near the center of Germany

Cologne – a beautiful metropolis city

Düsseldorf – considered an international business and financial center

Rhine – river running through Germany

Vienna – the capital of Austria, another German-speaking country


Other Cool German Cat Names

And finally, a hodge podge of other German-inspired names that are fun and unique.

Katze – the German word for cat

Kätzchen – the German word for kitten

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the famous Austrian composer. Can use one of the names or a combination.

Schnitzel – the name of a German meat dish, Schnitzel just sounds like a cute cat name

Sauerkraut – this German dish of fermented cabbage could be a funny cat name!

Spätzle – another German food, this one a soft egg noodle

Maus – mouse in German

Bärchen – meaning little bear, this is also a term of endearment

Mausebär – apparently Germans ran out of cute animals to call their loved ones, so they made up their own. This is a combination of mouse and bear.

Schnucki – a cute term Germans call the people they love

Liebling – loosely translates to “darling”

Schatz – translating as “treasure,” this term of endearment is popular with lovers and old married couples but can also be used for children


German cat names are cool and super fun. Hopefully you can find a name or two on the above list that fits the personality and look of your cat. If not, try out other international names for male cats or female cats. Auf wiedersehen!

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