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Irish Cat Names – 65+ Great Irish Names for Your New Cat

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As new pet owners, one of the first things we want to do is find the perfect name for our baby furballs. It can be overwhelming – there are so many great options for names! Where do you begin? Irish cat names are unique and lively, so why not start there?

cat with green Irish hat

Traditional Male Irish Cat Names

These names are distinctly Irish. We’ve included their conventional meanings to give the full context of the traditional names.

  • Flannery – red-skinned
  • Conan – little wolf
  • Murphy – sea warrior
  • Gallagher – foreign helper
  • Kieran – little dark one (a great name for dark-furred cats!)
  • Finnegan – fair or white (a great name for white cats!)
  • Donovan – little dark prince
  • Aidan – little fire
  • Doyle – dark stranger
  • Finley – fair hero
  • Kirby – from the church farm
  • Cillian – little church or little war
  • Carney – victorious
  • Shane – God’s gracious gift
  • Ronan – little seal
  • Liam – a strong-willed warrior
  • Fionn – fair or white
  • Rys – ardor, enthusiasm
  • Cormac – son
  • Eamon – guardian of the riches
  • Darcy – dark
  • Finn – small blond soldier
  • Niall – champion
  • Quinn – wise
  • Tierney – lord, master
  • Rory – red king

Traditional Female Irish Cat Names

Beautiful and spunky, traditional female Irish names are so fun for your girl cat!

  • Kira – black
  • Erin – Ireland, land of abundance
  • Sheena – God is gracious
  • Rosalyn – beautiful, pretty rose
  • Orla – golden princess
  • Lia – bearer of good news
  • Muriel – sea, bright
  • Glenda – holy and good
  • Breana – Strong, virtuous, honorable
  • Cadie –a rhythmic flow of sounds
  • Shanna – possessor of wisdom
  • Sybil – fortune teller
  • Brigid – power, strength, virtue
  • Ciara – dark-haired
  • Deirdre – woman
  • Fiona – white or fair
  • Iona – purple jewel
  • Meara – merry disposition
  • Saoirse – freedom
  • Sinead – God forgave
  • Siobhan – God is gracious

Irish Cat Names Based on Location

Ireland is home to many historic cities, fascinating landmarks, and beautiful bodies of water that you can turn into cool cat names.

  • Dublin – the capital and largest city of Ireland
  • Cork – a famous city in the southwest of Ireland
  • Galway – a gorgeous city in the west of Ireland
  • Limerick – ancient Irish city
  • Kilkenny – a popular tourist destination located in southeast Ireland
  • Belfast – capital and largest city of Northern Ireland
  • Blarney – a town in Ireland that is home to the famed Blarney Castle and legendary Blarney Stone
  • Cashel – inspired by the Rock of Cashel, an ancient hilltop fortress
  • Liffey – gorgeous River Liffey flows through the center of Dublin

Other Fun Irish Cat Names

Ireland provides so much inspiration for cat names. Here are other favorites.

  • Guinness – now one of the most famous beers in the world, Guinness Irish Stout got its start in Dublin and is still produced there today
  • Jameson – inspired by Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Bailey – Bailey’s Irish Cream, a whiskey and cream liquor, is made by Gilbeys of Ireland
  • Smithwick – an Irish red ale-style beer from Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Lucky – you can’t forget the luck of the Irish!
  • Leprechaun – mischievous little character in Irish history
  • Patrick – a tribute to St. Patrick’s Day, the world-famous Irish celebration
  • Shamrock – a young spring of clover and the national symbol of Ireland
  • Clover – of course, there’s the green four-leaf clover
  • Rain – Ireland is full of rain
  • Gael – a name for a person who is a native Irish speaker or from Ireland
  • Celt – medieval people in Europe who once lived in Ireland

Do you love these Irish cat names? We adore their charm and distinct feel. If they’re not for you, don’t leave yet. Try out other international names for British cat names and Italian cat names.

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