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Chinese Cat Names

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Check out our list of Chinese cat names for a unique name for your new feline friend. With a long and rich history, Chinese culture offers a variety of intriguing and meaningful names that your cat will love.

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Male Chinese Cat Names

If you’re searching for the perfect male Chinese cat name, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of names inspired by China’s rich culture and heritage that are sure to fit any feline’s personality.

  • Longwei – “Dragon greatness” – ideal for a strong and powerful cat.
  • Junjie – “Talented hero” – perfect for a brave and adventurous feline.
  • Chen – Meaning “great, vast,” this name suits a cat who loves to explore his surroundings.
  • Xun – “Obedient” – a fitting name for a well-behaved and calm kitty.
  • Qiang – “Strong”
  • Hong – “Vast, great” – this name suits a large and imposing cat.
  • Ruyi – “As one wishes”
  • Yu – Meaning “jade,” this name is perfect for a regal and elegant cat.
  • Wei – “Mighty or powerful”
  • Zhe – “Peaceful” – an excellent name for an undemanding and peaceful cat.
  • Bojing – Meaning “precious essence”
  • Da – “Big” – an ideal large and dominant cat name.
  • Huan – “Joyful”
  • Jianyu – “Building peace” – perfect for a calm and peaceful cat.
  • Jinhai – Meaning “golden sea,” this name is great for a kitten with golden fur.
  • Lang – “Wolf”
  • Ming – “Bright” – suits a cat with bright eyes or a bright personality.
  • Peng – Meaning “friend”
  • Qi – “Energy” – this name suits an active and dynamic kitten.
  • Shuang – “Clear and bright”
  • Tian – Meaning “sky,” this name is great for a cat with a lofty nature.
  • Weiwei – “Greatness”
  • Xiaolong – “Little Dragon” – suits a cat that is small but mighty.
  • Xing – “Star” – a name that captures the sparkle and shine of a cat’s personality.
  • Zhi – “Wisdom”
  • Yang – “Sun” – excellent for a cat with a sunny disposition.
  • Yichen – Meaning “one with the universe”
  • Yue – “Moon” – a lovely name that captures the grace and beauty of a cat.
  • Zheng – “Upright” – a fitting name for a cat that always stands tall and proud.
  • Zhong – “Loyal”
  • Zian – Meaning “peaceful and calm”
  • Bao – Meaning “treasure”
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Female Chinese Cat Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your female kitty that reflects China’s rich culture and heritage? Check out our list of female Chinese cat names and definitions, which will surely suit your feline friend’s unique personality.

  • Mei – “Beautiful”
  • Xiu – Meaning “elegant”
  • Ying – “Smart”
  • Lan – “Orchid”
  • Wen – Meaning “cultured or refined”
  • Shi – “Poetry”
  • Yijun – “Joy, harmony”
  • Hua – Meaning “flower”
  • Jia – “Beautiful”
  • Mingxia – Meaning “clear and bright sunrise”
  • Fang – “Fragrant”
  • Xinyue – Meaning “new moon”
  • Meiying – “Beautiful flower”
  • Shu – Meaning “humility”
  • Rong – “Elegant”
  • Yue – Meaning “moon”
  • Ya – “Elegant”
  • Li Hua – “Pear blossom”
  • Xiao – “Little”
  • Li – “Beautiful”
  • Ting – “Graceful and nimble”
  • Yuanyuan – Meaning “graceful and beautiful”
  • Zhi – “Intelligent and wise”
  • Jing – Meaning “serene”
  • Sora – “Sky”
  • Zhilan – “Orchid blue”
  • Qin – “Affectionate”
  • Xinyi – Meaning “faithful and righteous”
  • Xiaoqing – “Little green”
  • Yingzi – Meaning “shadow” or “reflected image”
  • Zhen – “Precious”
  • Mulan – from the Disney movie
  • Chaoxing Morning star
  • Xue – Snow

Names from Cities and Landmarks in China

Why not draw inspiration for your cat’s name from the beautiful cities and landmarks of China? We’ve put together a list of Chinese cat names that will evoke the charm and mystery of China’s cultural and natural heritage.

  • Beijing – the capital city of China
  • Shanghai – a bustling and modern metropolis
  • Hong Kong – the vibrant city-state is known for its harbor
  • Guilin – a scenic city known for its mountains and rivers
  • Lhasa – the capital of Tibet
  • Macau – a former Portuguese colony known for its casinos
  • Silky – Silk Road, the ancient trade route that stretched across China, this name is great for a cat with a long and elegant coat.
  • Tiananmen – Tiananmen Square, the famous public square in Beijing
  • Yangtze – the longest river in Asia
  • Qinghai – a serene and picturesque lake in Qinghai province
  • Zhouzhuang – a charming ancient town with winding canals and beautiful gardens
  • Potala – Potala Palace is a grand temple in Lhasa that is home to the Dalai Lama
  • Huangshan – a majestic mountain range known for its stunning scenery
  • Wuzhen – a charming water town with traditional architecture and canals
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Cat Names Inspired by Chinese Food and Beverages

If you’re looking for names for your cat that are inspired by Chinese cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Our list of cat names based on delicious Chinese food and drinks will satisfy your appetite for creativity and cuteness.

  • Dumpling – a beloved Chinese dish that’s great for a lovely cat.
  • Kung Pao – a famous spicy stir-fry dish
  • Bao Bao – inspired by steamed buns called baozi
  • Wonton – a delicious dumpling-like dish
  • Chow Mein – a classic Chinese noodle dish
  • Sushi – a name inspired by Chinese sushi
  • Soy Sauce – a classic Chinese condiment
  • Tofu – a name inspired by a popular Chinese ingredient
  • Jasmine – the name of a popular Chinese tea
  • Peking – inspired by the classic dish Peking duck
  • Matcha – a name inspired by Chinese green tea
  • Ginger – a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine
  • Bubble – inspired by Chinese bubble tea
  • Oolong – a type of Chinese tea ideal for a cat that’s elegant and refined.
  • Sesame – inspired by Chinese sesame oil
  • Lo Mein – a Chinese noodle dish perfect for an energetic and playful cat.
  • Soba – meaning buckwheat noodles in Chinese
  • Red Bean – inspired by the famous Chinese dessert
  • Baijiu – a popular Chinese alcohol
  • Mango – a common fruit in Chinese cuisine
  • Ramen – inspired by Chinese soup noodles
  • Boba – inspired by Chinese bubble tea
  • Radish – a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine
  • Congee – a classic Chinese breakfast dish
  • Lychee – a popular fruit in Chinese cuisine
  • Szechuan – inspired by the famous Chinese spice
  • Miso – a name inspired by fermented soybean paste
  • Peanut – a common ingredient in Chinese cuisine
  • Longan – a type of fruit in Chinese cuisine
  • Hainan – inspired by the famous Chinese dish Hainanese chicken rice

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Cat Names with Chinese Themes

Here are some more cat names with Chinese themes:

  • Jade – a precious green stone highly valued in Chinese culture.
  • Ming – a name that means “bright” or “shining” in Chinese
  • Dragon – a powerful symbol in Chinese mythology
  • Cherry – inspired by the cherry blossom trees that are commonly found in China.
  • Lotus – a symbol of purity and enlightenment in Chinese culture
  • China – a simple yet fitting name for a cat that’s proud and regal.
  • Felix – a name that means “lucky” or “successful” in Chinese
  • Panda – the beloved bear that’s native to China and a perfect name for a black and white cat.
  • Chopstick – a cute and quirky name that’s inspired by traditional Chinese tableware.
  • Koi – inspired by the colorful and graceful fish that are highly valued in Chinese culture.
  • Sable – a name that refers to the animal whose fur was once used in traditional Chinese clothing.

So there you have it, a list of Chinese names for cats that will make your furry friend stand out from the crowd. Remember, when choosing a name for your cat, consider its personality, appearance, and unique quirks. It’s also important to choose a name that you’ll love for years to come.

Have fun exploring different options, and don’t forget to celebrate your cat’s heritage with a name inspired by China’s rich culture and traditions. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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