The Ultimate List of Punny Cat Names – 111+ Hilarious Names

Punny Cat NamesYou’re a witty guy or gal and you just got a new cat. A regular name like Bella, Tigger or Max won’t do. You need something that shows your wit and uniqueness, like great punny cat names!

What exactly does punny mean? It’s a combination of a pun, a humorous way of using a word or phrase so that more than one meaning is implied, and funny. A play on words that is both witty and funny.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for in a cat name, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

The great thing about a lot of these names is there’s an easy short version as well, so you can introduce your cat with it’s amazingly funny punny name, but call it by the shorter version on a daily basis. For example your cat “Jack Meower” can simply be called “Jack” if you’re not looking for a laugh.

After much research, we’ve put together the ultimate list of punny cat names. Get ready to giggle!

Female Punny Cat Names

Cat NameDefinition
Catalie PortmanActress
Cat BenetarSinger
Cat MiddletonPrincess
Cat WinsletActress – Titanic
Catnip EverdeenHunger Games Character
Catsy ClineSinger
Catty GriffinComedian
Catti LaBelleSinger
Christina Aguill-hair-aSinger
Cindy ClawfordModel
ClawdiaCat spin on the human name
Cleo CatraEgyptian ruler
Debbie HairySinger
Demi MeowerActress
Diane KittenActress
Drew HairymoreActress
Emily LickinsonAuthor
Fleas WithersponActress
Fleyonce KnowlesSinger
Fur-gieSinger – Black Eyed Peas
Furry CruiseChild of Actor Tom Cruise
Jane PawstenAuthor – Pride and Prejudice
Jennipurr AnistonActress – Friends
JK MeowlingAuthor of Harry Potter series
Juliet CatuletCharacter in Romeo & Juliet
Kitty PurrySinger
Margaret ScratcherBritish PM
Mariah HairySinger
Mrs. FleasleyCharacter Family Affair
Pawdrey / Pawdrey HepburnActress
Puma ThurmanActress
Rachel ScratchActress
RavenclawHarry Potter
Sinead O’CollarSinger
TabbythaHuman name
Teri ScratcherActress
Tina SpayActress / Comedian
VeronicatHuman name
WhispurrPlay on the word


chairman meow - punny cat names

Male Punny Cat Names

Cat NameDefinition
Abraham LynxinUS President
Anderson PooperNews Anchor
Bing ClawsbySinger – White Christmas
Bob MeowerlyReggae Singer
Bob ScratchitChristmas Carol Character
Brad KittActor
Bruce StringsteenNew Jersey Singer
Butch CatsidyCowboy – bank robber
CatpernicusMathematician & astronomer
Catrick SwayzeActor
CatsanovaItalian adventurer & author
Catticus FinchCharacter from To Kill a Mockingbird
Cat DamonActor
Cat SajakWheel of Fortune Host
Cat StevensSinger
Chairman MeowChinese revolutionary
Charles LickensAuthor – A Christmas Carol
Colin FurthActor
Collin FurrelActor
Conway KittySinger
David MeowieSinger – Ziggy Stardust
Don DrapurrCharacter – Mad Men
Draco MewofoyCharacter in Harry Potter series
Ebefleazer ScroogeCharacter in A Christmas Carol
Ferris MewlerCharacter in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Fidel CatstroCuban Leader
Frank Lloyd BiteArchitect
Franz CatkaAuthor – Metamorphosis
Fuzz AldrinAstronaut
Genghis KhatLeader of Mongol Empire
George CloonfleaActor
Hairy PotterCharacter –  Harry Potter Series
Henry HissingerUS Secretary of State
Holden ClawfieldCharacter – Catcher in the Rye
Hunter S. TomcatAuthor – Fear & Loathing
Jack MeowerTV Character – 24
Jerry Flea LewisSinger
J.R.R. TollkittenAuthor – The Hobbit
Jude PawActor
Kit RomneyUS Senator
Kitty CudiRapper
Leopardo DiCatrioActor
LeVar PurrtonTV Personality / Actor
Lionel ItchySinger – Hello
Luke SkywhiskerCharacter – Star Wars
Meoward SternRadio Host
Meowrio LopezActor
Mr. MeowgiCharacter – Karate Kid
Neil Catrick HarrisActor
Notorious C.A.T.Rapper
OedipussGreek mythology character
Pablo PicatsoArtist
Paw McCartneySinger – The Beatles
Paw NewmanActor
Paw RevereUS Revolutionary
Pounce de LeonExplorer / conquistador
Ricky PurrvaisActor
Ron FleaslyCharacter – Harry Potter series
Ron FurgandyCharacter – Anchorman
Ryan FleacrestTV Personality
Santa ClawsHo Ho Ho
Sheddie VedderMusician – Pearl Jam
The Great CatsbyCharacter / Book
Tobey CatguireActor
Tom PawyerMark Twain book character
Walt WhiskersPoet
Walter Cron-CatNewsman
William CatnerActor – Star Trek
William ShakespurrPlaywrite – Romeo & Juliet
Winston FurchillBritish Prime Minister


Tons of these punny cat names are historical, literary, or celebrity names. In fact you can probably take some of the ideas for first names (like switching Matt for Cat) and make your own with more famous names.

Funny Cat Names

In addition to punny cat names, we also have a bunch of other funny cat names. These include names like:

  • Bacon
  • Fabio
  • Flo
  • Katniss
  • Macgyver
  • Mr. Bigglesworth
  • Ninja
  • Pickle
  • Porkchop
  • Yoko

For more funny cat names, check out our male funny cat names and female funny cat names.

Do you have ideas of punny cat names? Add them to the comments below, please! We especially need more ideas for girl cats.


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    Charles Bukmeowski……..David Meowthews….Kitty Wells……or the best ever Meowthew McMeownaughey

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