Small Cat Breeds – Top 10 Pint-Sized Pals to Consider

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If you’re searching for small cat breeds, you’ve got to meet these 10 adorable animals.

Like many future feline parents, you’re probably eager for the kitten phase when it’s small and dainty creature. But they will eventually be a full-grown adult cat.

If only they could stay little, right?

Luckily, just like dogs, there are cat breeds that maintain a petite frame, even when fully grown. Not only are they permanently adorable, their small size can be a great fit for apartment dwellers or families with limited space.

Here are the top 10 small cat breeds you should consider next time you plan to increase your household by one (small) feline.

Top 10 Small Cat Breeds

The following small cat breeds are considered itty bitty compared to many of their larger counterparts.

If you’ve got a small living space or simply want a more pint-sized pet, one of these 10 cats might just be right for you.

1. Singapura

Small cat breeds Singapura

First on the list is the Singapura. This cute creature is generally considered the smallest of all the cat breeds, typically only weighing a few pounds.

It doesn’t hurt that they are kitten-like in their appearance, even as adults. With huge eyes – usually hazel, green or yellow in color – and a short coat, they are everything you’d want in a pint-sized cat.

Along with their charming physical traits, they have a wonderfully endearing personality. They are known to be quite extroverted and are happy to socialize with their humans.

Although they can be mischievous, the Singapura’s sweet face and loyal, affectionate personality will have you looking past the occasional naughty streak.

2. American Curl

Small cat breeds American Curl

Because of their variety in the gene pool, the American Curl comes in a range of sizes, though they tend to stay small.

Their most notable physical feature are those curled ears! You can’t miss those unusual ears which curl back from the face toward the center of the skull.

Because of their ear structure, you will need to clean them more frequently than other breeds. But aside from that, the American Curl is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance cat.

One reason this breed is so popular is their affectionate personality. They can be quite playful, but also love a good cuddle, making them a great family cat.

3. Cornish Rex

Hypoallergenic cat breeds - Cornish Rex

Looking for small cat breeds that are also hypoallergenic? Then the Cornish Rex is the cat for you.

They have a distinctive curly or wavy coat that will make them stand out in those Instagram pictures you will undoubtedly post. That same coat is super soft, making them a wonderful cuddle buddy.

This small breed typically weighs around 8 pounds and maintains that kitten look forever.

One unique personality and physical trait to note: The Cornish Rex has long, agile toes and have been known to use them to open doors and cabinets with ease.

4. Munchkin

Small cat breeds - Munchkin

Of course this viral sensation makes the list! The Munchkin cat is one of the most famous cat breeds thanks to their small stature and short, stumpy legs.

The breed’s unique appearance is actually caused by a gene mutation. The disorder – referred to as achondroplasia – results in dwarfism and is associated with an enlarged head and short legs.

Despite their diminutive height, they are still a fast, active breed that should be given plenty of opportunities for play. They seem to maintain that kitten look AND personality forever!

You might think that the Munchkin can’t jump up on surfaces like other cats, but think again. Those little legs still provide plenty of spring in their step!

5. Siamese

Siamese cat

The Siamese has been a favorite cat breed for decades. What many don’t realize, however, is just how small they are compared to other breeds.

Although they stand taller than some of our other small cat breeds, the Siamese maintains a svelte frame, usually only weighing around 11 pounds.

This is one breed that has an intelligence and curiosity that will keep you on your toes.

One fun quirk about the Siamese is their love of conversation. They are known to be chatty, making vocalizations that can seem like a full-on conversation with you.

Get ready for a sweet pet with plenty of personality!

6. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Although this short haired small cat breed looks very much like their cousins, the Devon Rex is a unique Rex breed in both their look and outgoing personality.

Weighing between 5-10 pounds when fully grown, they possess a distinct look with a round head and giant eyes and have been described as pixie-like.

If you choose a Devon Rex, work out those shoulders because that’s where they want to be! They love to curl around your neck and be the center of attention.

The Devon Rex is known to be one of the most friendly breeds and requires plenty of time with their humans, making them a great option for those who work from home or prefer to spend the weekend binging a new series.

7. Abyssinian

abyssinian cat breed

One of the most notable traits of the Abyssinian is its coloring. Upon first glance, this small breed cat looks like a mini-panther thanks to its short coat made up of red, brown and blue coloring with just the right ticking to give it that wild look.

They also have big, round eyes that seem to take up half their face, helping them look like a kitten for much longer.

Of all the small cat breeds, this is one of the best for families. The Abyssinian loves to be included in everything and is great with kids. Some even say it’s like a nanny cat.

They tend to be curious so keep them busy with plenty of toys and puzzles.

8. Balinese

Hypoallergenic cat breeds - Balinese

If you want a stunning cat and don’t mind lots of fur, you’ll fall head over heels for the Balinese.

Their appearance looks like an overgrown Siamese, with the same distinct dark areas on the face and the lighter color on the body. And although they look like a substantial-sized cat, they are mostly hair and weigh about 11 pounds when fully grown.

Best of all, the Balinese combines beauty and brains. They are considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds and are known for their sharp thinking.

Combine this with a strong affinity for social interaction, and you’ve got a chatterbox, just like their cousin the Siamese.

9. Russian Blue

Russian Blue

For first-time cat owners or families with children, the Russian Blue should be one of the top of your list when it comes to small cat breeds.

They are considered the whole package, combining a graceful beauty with an easy-to-maintain short coat and a good-natured personality that will win your heart every time.

We’re including the Russian Blue on our list of small cat breeds because they can be quite diminutive in size, around 8-11 lbs only. Some can grow larger than this, however.

A wonderful pet, these small felines are among the sweetest, gentlest and most amiable of all the cat breeds. While they can be a little shy around strangers, they want nothing more than to love their humans and be right by their side.

10. Dwelf

Small cat breeds - Dwelf

If you’ve never heard of the Dwelf, you are not alone. Although they are not yet commonly recognized as a standard breed, they are quickly gaining a cult following.

The Dwelf was created by combining the Munchkin, Sphynx and American Curl breeds. This has led to a unique cat both in looks and personality. You could say their look is a bit alien – which has actually attracted many people to the Dwelf.

In addition to its unique appearance, the Dwelf has a highly sociable personality. They will demand your attention and can be moody when left alone too much. It’s best to let them hang out and cuddle up with you, and they’ll be perfectly content.

Final Thoughts: Small Cat Breeds

As you search for small cat breeds, doing research before is always a good idea to make sure the cat fits in with your lifestyle.

A small cat is great for those who live in smaller spaces or who simply want a petite pet.

After all, there is a cat breed for everyone and some of those simply come in small packages!

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Small Cat Breeds – How to Pick the Right Furry Friend

When you’re looking for a cat but don’t know what breed to get, these eight easy questions can help quickly narrow down your search and find a four-legged friend who perfectly fits your lifestyle.

This guide will help you in choosing one of these small cat breeds and give you a clearer idea of which one is for you.

1. Why Do You Want a Cat?

First things first, let’s talk about why you want a cat. This will guide you more than you realize!

For example, do you love cuddling up on the couch and want a furball to curl up in your lap and keep you company? Or do you want a low-key companion with an aloof and independent spirit?

Stop for a minute, close your eyes and think about it.

2. What Type of Cat Did You Have Growing up?

Believe it or not, the cat (or cats) you grew up with often have an impact on what type of cat you want when you’re older.

That’s certainly not to say you couldn’t pick a different type of cat by any means. It’s just that people often have a comfort level with the type of feline they were conditioned to growing up.

3. Do You Have Any Allergies?

Cats can be awful for allergies. But fortunately, there are many hypoallergenic cat breeds that make it easier for allergies sufferers.

Always learn more about the breed before bringing it into your home.

4. Who’s in Your Household?

Another important thing to think about is who is in your household.

Is it just you? Or do you have a partner? Roommates? Children?

This is incredibly important to consider. Especially if you have little ones in the house.

5. Where Do You Live?

As you think about which cat breed is right for you, where you live is incredibly important.

Fortunately, cats do well in many different types of living environments. And with these small cat breeds, you don’t have to worry about having enough space.

6. How Much Time and Energy Do You Have?

Cats certainly don’t require as much of a time commitment as other pets. (Here’s looking at you, dogs.)

But they still need someone to care for their needs and provide for them.

Potential parents should always make sure they have the time, energy and resources to care for a cat, no matter what the breed. But that level of care can increase depending on the cat.

Before making a decision regarding small cat breeds, make sure you understand their instincts and just how much mental and physical stimulation they’ll require.

7. What is the Cat’s Temperament?

Just like appearance, a cat’s temperament can vary greatly by breed. And it’s absolutely critical to find out how a cat will act based on their breed instincts.

Do your homework about a breed’s personality, and also get to know the individual cat before committing.

8. How Much Does the Breed Cost?

Owning a cat isn’t cheap, but some breeds are more expensive than others. Especially for some of the rarer felines.

Cost is a consideration, and it’s always a good idea to understand the full picture before bringing a cat home.

Things to consider include the initial expense, vet bills, food, grooming and supplies.