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Siamese Cat Names

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This handpicked list of Siamese cat names draws inspiration from their Thai origins, graceful physique, and vocal personality to provide the perfect fit for your new companion.

siamese cat names

Male Siamese Cat Names

If you’re thinking about getting this type of breed, you’re in luck – we just created a list of awesome male Siamese cat names to help you get started.

  • Rama
  • Yoda
  • Simba
  • Kenji
  • Leo
  • Rajah
  • Kovu
  • Tai
  • Finn
  • Cosmo
  • Gizmo
  • Ash
  • Joey
  • Salem
  • Jasper
  • Sammy
  • Oscar
  • Milo
  • Ollie
  • Otis
  • Oreo
  • Smokey
  • Teddy
  • Tigger
  • Toby

Female Siamese Cat Names

These female names for Siamese cats are a great way to start finding the perfect name for your kitten.

  • Mei
  • Bella
  • Luna
  • Lily
  • Chai
  • Mai
  • Duang
  • Mee
  • Elsa
  • Katara
  • Suki
  • Sophie
  • Lucy
  • Lulu
  • Ada
  • Coco
  • Gigi
  • Sapphire
  • Ivy
  • Maya
  • Nala
  • Olive
  • Piper
  • Sadie
  • Willow
  • Zoe

Famous Siamese Cat Names

The Siamese breed is perhaps the world’s most recognizable type of cat. Maybe it’s their distinct appearance and extroverted nature. Or it could be the 1955 movie Lady and the Tramp, where the evil Siamese cats purred the catchy lyrics “We are Siamese if you please.” Here are some other famous Siamese cats.

  • Tao – from the Disney film The Incredible Journey
  • DC – from That Darn Cat, another Disney film featuring a Siamese cat!
  • Skippyjon (or just Skippy) – Siamese cat hero in the Skippyjon Jones books
  • Si – one of the devious cats in Lady and the Tramp
  • Am – the other naughty Lady and the Tramp Siamese cat
  • Koko – from The Cat Who… book series by Lilian Jackson Braun
  • Yum Yum – also from The Cat Who… series
  • Sagwa – from the children’s book Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Si and Am – The tricky Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp
  • Ling – Mulan’s mischievous pet Siamese cat
  • Yzma – The villainess in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove
  • Sagwa – The title character of the PBS Kids show Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Ming – Hilary Duff’s pet Siamese cat in The Perfect Man
  • Cleo – Marie’s snobby Siamese in Disney’s The Aristocats
  • Chen – Marlin and Dory’s Siamese friend in Finding Nemo
  • Jasmine – Zoe Saldana’s Siamese in The Adam Project
  • My Melody – Hello Kitty’s Siamese friend with a bow
  • Binx – The immortal black cat in Hocus Pocus
  • Kitty Galore – The hairless Sphynx villain in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
  • Socks – The Clintons’ Siamese presidential cat
  • Sybil – The Siamese in 101 Dalmatians: The Series
  • Jaken – Sesshōmaru’s two-headed dragon companion in Inuyasha
  • Kit – from Charmed
  • Pyewacket – from the film Bell, Book, and Candle
Siamese cat with kittens

Siamese Kitten Names Inspired by Thailand

Popular female names in Thailand (where Siamese cats originated):

  • Ploy
  • Nan
  • May
  • Fern
  • Mild
  • Nam
  • Sudarat
  • Noon
  • Kanokwan
  • Beam
  • Jane
  • Fah
  • Arisa
  • Aom
  • Pim
  • June
  • Nutcha
  • Bow
  • Praew

Popular male names in Thailand:

  • Sarawut
  • Tanawat
  • Benz
  • Nattapong
  • New
  • Gan
  • Nut
  • Chatchai
  • Sirichai
  • Teerapat
  • Panupong
  • Peerapat

Mythical Names – Great for Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are an excellent breed for mythical cat names with their exotic looks, storied history, and regal personality.

  • Apollo
  • Athena
  • Hermes
  • Mercury
  • Cleopatra
  • Aries
  • Aphrodite
  • Medusa
  • Saffron
  • Olympia
  • Loki
  • Hera
  • Pandora
  • Adonis
  • Zeus
Siamese cat looking up

Cute Siamese Cat Names

  • Blue
  • Buddy
  • Bandit
  • Sassy
  • Sasha
  • Angel
  • Baby
  • Kiet – honor
  • Sunti – peace
  • Kittibun – famous fortune
  • Tida – daughter
  • Kannika – beautiful flower

Names by Color

Siamese cats come in various color variations known as seal point, chocolate point, lilac point, and blue point. Here are some color-inspired name options:

  • Blue
  • Sapphire
  • Sky
  • Cloud
  • Snow
  • Pearl
  • Luna
  • Star
  • Pepper
  • Ember
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Smokey
  • Shadow
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Ash
  • Onyx
  • Jet
  • Coal
Siamese cat twins

Twin Siamese Names

Although the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp were diabolical troublemakers, these felines are very affectionate and extroverted in real life. They often bond with a single person and occasionally suffer from depression if left alone for too long. This is why Siamese cats are frequently bought in pairs.

  • Yin and Yang – For the balance they create
  • Siam and Thai – After their Thai origins
  • Ming and Ling – Characters from Mulan
  • Chip and Dale – The mischievous Disney chipmunks
  • Tiki and Taka – A rhyming twin set
  • Sushi and Wasabi – A food-inspired pair
  • Loki and Thor – The Norse god brothers
  • Lewis and Clark – The famous explorers
  • Luke and Leia – Star Wars twins
  • Castor and Pollux – Twin brothers from Greek mythology
  • Apollo and Artemis – The twin Greek deities
  • Dash and Dot – A high-speed, high-energy duo
  • Bonnie and Clyde – The infamous criminal couple
  • Sonny and Cher – The singing duo
  • Chai and Chi – Meaning “energy” in Thai

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  1. Edsdaughter

    I found some Japanese words that would be ideal to name a Siamese cat. How about “Tatsukami.” That’s the Japanese word for “tornado” Maybe a Siamese black cat could be named that. Also, “Yuki Dama” is Japanese for “snowball.” Maybe you could be a little ironic and name a black Siamese cat Yuki Dama. Funny, huh?

  2. Al

    Mines name is Charlie TunaFish it always gets a chuckle at the Vets or when asked lol😊❤️❤️

    • iLive2Rescue

      I have a cat named Charlie, but her nickname is Charlie Tuna! 😹

  3. Carolyn Garrett

    My beautiful little Siamese girls name is Clawdia !!

  4. Zenrin

    Mine is Igor :)

  5. Christine vining

    Mine is named Ling Ling

  6. Darlene

    Just got a siamese mix .. looks chocolate point with long hair. Thinking of the name Chai.

  7. Susan Naccararo

    Don’t have my kitten yet (August), I’m thinking Loki.

  8. Leonard Eubanks

    Does any one like a name for a Siamese cat Daisy flower.

  9. Ali

    My fur babes are named Salem and Prince(after the late singer plus his attitude fits even though hes a love bug.) so those may be options.

  10. Val

    My handsome boy is named Dongwa, from the PBS cartoon Sagwa

  11. Emmetthitmehhh

    I named my little girl Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. Her mama is named Harper Lee, the name of the author. :)

  12. Cindie Treichl

    My Siamese is named Furbee because he is a ball of fur and always a busy bee

  13. Delores Abramson

    Annie, from the King and I. Jade, koi, Tancho, Shade. Just some ideas.

  14. Deann

    My Siamese cat was named Diablo (meaning devil) She lived up to that name well! Sassy girl…. My other Siamese was named Kesslers…..after my husbands
    favorite drink, but do not let me fool you….really stood for Kesslers Diamond & Jewelry.

  15. valarie keahi

    Ours was “Houdini” every time the vacuum went on,,,,, he disappeared!

  16. Rachael Olmstead

    My boy was Riley and even though not a Siamese name, he was the best Siamese cat ever! RIP Riley!

  17. Joyce

    My two are Jazzie and Mao

  18. Michelle K

    My Siamese (chocolate/seal point) I had as a young adult was Cinnamon. Her mom was Ming, I don’t remember the dad’s name.

  19. Donna

    My Siamese boys were purchased at the same time although not from the same litter. Ones name is Thackeray Binx from the movie Hocus Pocus.
    The other ones name is Pyewacket from the movie
    Bell Book and Candle.

  20. Nanna Palsson

    We named our 16 year old Siamese cat T-Mac. “T” for short. He got that name from a Orlando Basketball player, Tracey McGrady who was our favorite Orlando Magic basketball player back when he adopted us He is demanding, selfish, patient, but fluffy and extremely adorable. Not sure if he is anything like the person he is named after, but I hope he sticks around for a long time.


    Mine is Harley, as in the motorcycles. He sounds like one when he 😄

  22. S. L. George

    My Siamese cats were Piewacket from Bell, Book & Candle and Spice for her coloring.

  23. Sean

    Mine are Tiger, Chester, Molly & Daisy .

  24. Meme

    My Siamese Seal Point is named Bamboo!

  25. Ladema

    My kitten I just adopted, I have figured out her name, Loki, yes that fits her perfectly fine

  26. Virginia

    For my two Siamese kitties I’m thinking of Lily and Jasmine, still deciding though.

  27. Sandee

    Im looking names for my fawn pt baby boy, so far ive got Shiloh ,Loki , Louie , Bodie ,Kai , anyone ???? please .

  28. Gisa Parnther

    My Siamese are Xena, Ailis and Morag.

  29. Jeanne Martins

    Our Siamese cats in the past: Whiskers & Katinka, Katryn,
    Purdey, Dusty, Cocila, Ming Miaau, St Claws, Tiger, Kublai Khan and Sparkles.

  30. Melody Hogue

    I named my male siamese Alicon after a siamese we had as a child. I don’t know where my mom came up with that name but I thought it was a good name for my siamese I have now.

  31. Edgardo Corleto

    Mine is Katia

  32. Trish

    My mom’s Siamese cat was named Suki.

  33. Valerie

    My male seal point’s name was “Maja”
    My female seal point’s name was “Isis”
    Can’t say how much I miss them!!

  34. 1crazylibrarian

    Growing up I always had siamese. Smokey, Princess, Tomasina, Hashimoto, Ling Ling, May Ling, Ching Lao, and our big boy we just lost, Remington or we called him Remi. I’m thinking our new boy will be Smokey.

  35. PK

    Ya-Chai, means “sweetheart” in Siamese, and Chai-Te

  36. kao chin

    I have 4 smiese one is dong dong one is valistanker 3 jonkerstuart 4 su tart

  37. TNG

    My Blue Point female is named Lady Luna.
    Luna means Moon.

  38. Linda A Coccioletti

    when I was growing up in the 60s my best friend had a siamese named SIA

  39. Carolyn

    My Siamese rescue cat’s name is Simba. He is very talkative, as most Siamese are, and very affectionate and
    a cuddle-bug!

  40. Kalee Mee

    Thinking about naming my little rescue girl Kardi K, my version of Cardi B because she makes the same sound!

  41. ellen henke

    for my two new sister Siamese am thinking of Misha, Keisha, Sasha, Mica, lexie, suki, cleo, sen sen, cayenne, and roxy…so far

  42. Cindy P.

    Mine are ,mae ling ,and bella, and puddin,and henry,and last one is lizzy😺

  43. Wendy

    I also had one called Simba and my mum in law has one called Pusska beautiful cats both of them

  44. Kathleen Murotani

    My seal point is named Taro and I just got a blue point male kitten and I am trying to figure out the appropriate name for him.

  45. Harold C. Juhl

    Midnight Louie from Carole Nelson Douglas Book Series ” Cat in a …..”

  46. Harold C. Juhl

    My Siamese rescue ( a HUGH BIG BOY ) is “Yoda” …own a printing company so my ” 2 ” ebony rescues are “Inky” and “Spotz” ….

  47. Debi Maxwell

    My lap cat is called Luke Skywalker… He is my son’s protector.. Very loving and extremely affectionate!!!!!

  48. Debi Maxwell

    Luke Skywalker is his name and protecting is his game .. Very loving, extremely
    affectionate, and makes us laugh everyday!!

  49. Pam Jordan

    The two siamese cats I grew up with were males named Sinbad and Siabet. The female siamese cat I have now is Suelynn.

  50. Meg

    All these names are wonderful!! Today we adopted Willow. She is a seal point snow shoe. Seems to suit the name but at 11 weeks we could change it.

  51. Jocelyn

    Sirikit after a Thai princess and also has the “KIT” for kitten

  52. Christina Rossvanes

    i have 2 of the amazing cats i don’t know how to spell it but there starlight and coco there so cute hope u like the names!

  53. Christina Rossvanes

    i have 1 of the amazing cat i don’t know how to spell it but she is coco shes super cute hope u like the names!

  54. katherine Davis-Cooke

    Confucious. “confucious say”……

  55. Mary R

    I just adopted a rescue girl who looks very much like a lilac point siamese; I named her Sylvia. (She’s gorgeous!)

  56. Jen Y

    Jazzy aka Squeaks and Josie aka Nosey Josie :)

  57. Beau Holland

    I just lost my most special girl. Her name was Mystery as her background was totally unknown and Siamese are mysterious creatures. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

  58. Kevin Sweeney

    I’ve had a few chocolate boys, Solomon, noodles, sunny, Marcus, sunny, my last one was registered with the vets as ‘Oi u cum here’!

  59. Pam

    I’m so sorry. I lost mine also on New Years Day. Her name was Purrsilla

  60. Lisa

    I have a beautiful boy I named him Yeti
    He is totally hooked on me so they really are a one person cat

  61. Siamese lover

    We just lost our seal point “Callebaut” a couple of months ago. Sometimes he was a Bernard, later Calle for short. The name was given to him by our Humane Society, so we kept it as it was perfect for him. His snuggle mate was a Siberian, Lancelot (Lancie).

  62. mags

    My very first Siamese was named Suchavadhi (Sucha) after a foreign exchange student from Thailand. We had several more over the years but our last two were Mel (Gibson – blue eyes) and Robyn (Mel’s wife at that time). Will be getting another one this weekend and am looking for a good name.

  63. Dean & Tyler

    Chi-Chi after a cuppaCHIno – same colour as our 9 week old kitten :)

  64. Josh Kelly

    Mine is called fidel castro

  65. Cathy

    My Siamese cat’s name is Zoey! She’s a Velcro kitty! My first Siamese name was Bella

  66. Shawna

    My seal point was name Zealand I miss her so much June will be 1yr that she passed away I want another one but I’m so picky I want a girl that looks the same as my Zealand aka ZZ…..ZEALAND was my first Siamese cat and she was amazing and was so GREAT with my daughter who will me 4 this month…..

  67. Sarah

    Growing up my Seal Point was Snoopy Ling My Daddy’s Kitty, he was 6wks I was 3 and for 19 years he was my best buddy! Then came Sudy Lee, and Sing Sing.

  68. Dianne Bilodeau

    My brand new baby is a blue point Siamese with snowshoe paws….named Miss Kitty Sassy Pants!

  69. Gillian Towler

    My meezers are Scout, Boudicca and Silas Ètienne. Hoping to get a kitten soon and got Gus or Eliza so far for names x

  70. Jessica Hoover

    I just adopted a male lynx point/manx and should be bringing him home next weekend. I’m going to name him Niko (it actually means cat, lol) and my daughter has to make sure they have a middle name so she chose sky for his beautiful blue eyes.

  71. Lisa E Gentile

    1981 brought home my baby blue point Siamese. I named her Kaluah after the liquor. (Carmel color). She was my sole mate.

  72. Mary

    My darling Siamese was named Calina. We were her adoring slaves and were heartbroken to lose her at 18 1/2.

  73. Pam

    I just lost my beloved, Miss Magnolia 2 weeks ago. She was 22. Hoping to bring 2 kittens home soon.

  74. Duenise L Shute

    I am adopting a young male flame (red) point siamese. Right now he is mostly white with a bit of orange on face, ears, tail (ringed) and feet. What is Flame in Thai?

  75. inferno

    mine is Simon its a flame point Siamese not just a Siamese

  76. Maximus

    mine id fluffy but nickname is fluffermuffins

  77. esmi g

    i just lost my siamese Ms. Coco the cracky. She was 17 years old. She passed sunday Dec.20,2020 i’m so broken

  78. Bonnie Redish

    Thai Foo, my beloved latest cat, aka just Foo. Have also had Cocoa, Snowball, Midori, Jenny, Blue Boy, all various colorpoints of Siamese

  79. Lilah

    I lost my beautiful seal point male December 17 2020. His name was Genghis. It means just and true. He was all that and more.

  80. Marie Harriet Thompson

    My Siamese boy is now rising 3 he was chosen by my daughter a day after Harry’s wedding in 2018 she named him Prince Harry I lost his sister age 8 after a tooth op I do spoil him he’s my official support cat we do everything together walk play he’s my absolute world

  81. John

    Of course, the big one when I was growing up was Pyewacket from the Jimmy Stewart – Kim Novak movie “Bell, Book, and Candle.” There were a number of Pyewackets.

  82. Mary Welch

    Mine was a long-haired girl named Hairyette…she was hairy and small! First boy was Fred, because he had a loud voice like Fred Flintstone. My friend named hers Frankie, after Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. So cute!

  83. Kerin

    I’ve had severa siamese cats through out the years. KiKi, Annie, Tieka, Tonka, Nikko, Nikki and my all time favorite girl…Cinders. I am getting a kitten soon (her momma is due in April) and I am thinking maybe Smokey…wanted Sylvie but hubby’s not really on board with that…Moxie? I can’t wait, I am so excited!

  84. Angelen VanDaele

    I have had Sushi, Kimchi, Ono and Nicodemus. For my next male, I am thinking about Aja, Boomer, Earl or Silas.

  85. Kim

    You’re on the right track with Smokey I was thinking something like Soot.

  86. Lisa Hanson

    I’ve had 7 Siamese cats throughout my lifetime. The first was Suki when I was 11. The next was Samantha, then Suki 2, then Zorro, then Novio, then Naomi, and last was Leo.

  87. Caro

    Link and seal points growing up..Solomon, Stanley and Cadbury, First Cornish Rex was George, then Barney and Olive, First Devon rex was Otto and current Devon is Chilli..

  88. Michelle

    I had a Siamese kitty and I named her Maitai 23 years ago before I moved to Marysville, California. I miss her so much. Someday I will have another one.

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