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How to Name Your Cat – Picking an Awesome Cat Name

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You just got a super cute, cuddly ball of fur. Now the big question is, what on earth will you name it??

You’ll be saying its name over and over again for the next 10, 15, even 20 years, so it’s not a decision you want to take lightly. So here are tips on how to name your cat:

orange cat

What does your cat look like?


You’d be surprised by how just looking at your new cat (or a picture of her) can inspire great names. And not just obvious names, like a snowball for a white cat. Maybe she has a unique coloring that looks like a deer. You could call her Fawn or Fawna.

One famous instance of a name coming from a cat’s appearance is on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dina Manzo got a hairless cat that looked like a grandmother in the family, so they named her Grandma Wrinkles. (Granted, you don’t want to offend anyone.)

Here are some ideas:

What’s their personality like?

Is your new cat playful or fun? Or serious and contemplative? The name should match their personality.

If it’s a fun, goofy cat, playful names like Mr. Bigglesworth work well. However, if the cat is aloof and particular, a name like Buffy or Alexia would be a better option.

When my husband and I got our new dog last year, we couldn’t decide between two names: Mac and Toby. Mac was our first choice since we’re both big fans of Apple products. So it was almost a done deal. But then we met our future dog, a beautiful, gentle-souled Labrador retriever. We realized it sounded tough when we said Mac out loud – ala Mac trucks – and this mellow dog was anything but tough. He was, without a doubt, a Toby.

Some lists that might help out:

What are your interests?

A great way to start with your cat name search is to think about things that appeal to you. For example, are you a history buff, or perhaps you love sports? This is a quick way to start generating unique, fun cat names that are an excellent fit for you.

Here are a few categories of names to get started:

cat with glasses

Do you have a certain style?

Last but not least, think about your style. For example, some people prefer classic female cat names, while others are into cute, girly names or exotic international-inspired monikers.

Use our site to select different names styles like:

Again, congratulations on your new furball, and best of luck finding the perfect name for her!

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Bonus Tips for Picking a Cat Name

  1. Keep a list of cool cat names
    Start a running log of cat names you like. Inspiration is everywhere – characters on TV, your favorite hobbies, places you visit, even kids names you overhear in the grocery store. Keep are ear out for interesting names that appeal to you and don’t forget to write them down.
  2. Scour the web
    It goes without saying but the internet is full of amazing resources to help you find the perfect cat name. Simply Google cat names and you’ll find thousands of options. Or go to Pinterest and start pinning away.All this can be overwhelming, however, so you may want to turn to an online cat name generator to streamline the process. Find Cat Names allows you to search cat names by style, like cute, elegant, sporty or classic, or by theme such as movies, book, music, mythical or historic.
  3. Say it out loud
    As mentioned before, you’ll be saying this name a lot for many years to come. To make sure it works, say the name out loud over and over again, in different tones, i.e. a happy voice, a stern voice is the cat has done something wrong and so on. A name that sounds good on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to one that’ll work in real life.
  4. Run it by others in the house
    You definitely don’t have to get approval on the name from all your family and friends. It’s up to you what cat name you pick. But, it is good to run it by others in your household like a significant other and/or kids. They’ll have to frequently use the name, so it’s good to get their buy in.

How to Teach Your Cat Its Name

There’s no right or wrong way to go about finding cat names, but these tips will help make the process a little easier. Congratulations on your new addition, and good luck with your cat name search!

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