Gifts for Cats

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There’s nothing better than watching a cat play with a new toy or enjoy a delicious treat. We’ve pulled together a great list of gifts for cats to help finding something great for your feline friend.

These cat gifts are perfect for your cat’s birthday, a housewarming gift for your friend’s cat, or just when you want to surprise your cat with something new and fun!

Cat Toys Gift Box

gifts for cats - cat gift box

This cat gift box is a wonderful way to give a cat a variety of fun toys to play with. These toys are high quality and made with natural materials.

Cat Scratcher Lounge

cat scratcher lounge

This cat lounger provides a great place for cats to lounge and scratch. It can also be flipped over once the top side wears out for more fun. Scratching makes for healthy claws, stress relief and exercise.

Pettsie Cat Collar & Friendship Bracelet

cat collar and friendship bracelet

A great cat gift for both cat & cat lover! A matching collar and bracelet set. These are available in varying colors & styles.

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

cat grass growing kit

This unique gift idea lets a cat owner grow their own cat grass. Cats love to eat this organic grass and it helps them get needed vitamins and reduce hairballs.

Cat Digger Interactive Toy

cat digger toy

Interactive toys make great gifts for cats. It gets them to dig for treats and activates their senses in a fun way.

Cat Sushi

catnip sushi toy

This cat sushi gift box makes a hilarious cat present! These sushi bits are filled with catnip and fun for your cat to play with. Also available in multiple sizes for different price points.

Cat Wand Toy

cat wand toy

Cat wands are a great way to entertain your cat (and yourself)! This toy comes with a variety of different type of ends for cats to pounce on as you swing them around.

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

cat christmas presents - turboscratcher cat toy

Fun cat scratching toy that not only entertains your cat but also helps save your furniture by giving the cat a good place to scratch and play!

Cat Food Tree

cat food tree

Food toys make great gifts for cats like this interactive food tree which is a fun way for your cat to work for its food. Cats can paw for food through the various holes in the tree.

Cat Treat Dispensing Ball

treat dispensing ball

A fun treat dispensing ball that your cat will love to roll around and earn treat rewards! Available in multiple colors.

Cat Tree and Scratching Post

tree cat condo

This cat tree has a top perch and two hide-out areas in addition to a couple os posts that are safe for scratching. A fun play area for your cats.

Banana Catnip Toy


This catnip banana is such fun toy for your cat to chase around! It’s filled with catnip so they’re sure to love batting it around.

Thermal Cat Mat

cat thermal mat

This ultra soft mat reflects your cats heat back using a thermal core making it a cozy place to snuggle up.

Cat Water Fountain

cat water fountain

This water fountain provides healthy, hygienic water to your pet. It helps attract your pet to get them drinking more water, and having fun doing it.

Cat Hammock & Scratching Post

cat hammock

This elevated cat hammock is great for cats to relax in as well as to keep their nails healthy by using the scratching posts.

Cat Tracks Interactive Toy

gifts for cats - cat tracks toy

This playful cat toy contains 3 tracks with balls that cats enjoy batting and chasing around the rings. You can participate in play with your cat by spinning the balls and batting them back and forth with your cat.

Cat House with Bed

square cat hous

This cute cube-shaped house is a great place for you cat to relax, hide, and play. It also collapses to save space and make it easy to transport.

Cat Pizza Toy

cat pizza

This cat pizza toy attracts cats with catnip and comes with a box that cats love to play with in addition to the funny pizza toys.

Cat Window Perch

cat window perch

This cute cat perch attaches to a window to let your cat to rest where they can watch everything that’s going on.

Electronic Motion Cat Toy

electronic cat toy

This interactive cat toy features moving lights and wand under a durable mat, which lets your cat have fun trying to hunt.

Interactive Self-Rotating Cat Ball

cat christmas presents - automated cat ball

This interactive cat toy ball rotates all by itself and has a laser to attract your cats attention to chase it. Great fun for your cat and a great way to keep them busy.

Hopefully you’ve found some fun gifts for your cats! If you’re looking for gifts for the cat owner in your life be sure to check out our list of gifts for cat lovers.