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Fall Cat Names – 40+ Ideas for Autumn

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For many people, fall is their favorite season of the year. If you’re one of these folks and getting a new cat, you must check out this ultimate list of fall cat names.

There is just something about the fall season, such as the changing leaves, the crisp air, the festive celebrations. It’s certainly a magical time of year.

fall cat names

Another great reason to look at fall cat names is if your kitten’s fur reflects fall colors like orange, red and brown. Or perhaps you are bringing home your new furbaby during the fall and want to pay homage to the season.

Our ultimate list of fall cat names has over 40 ideas inspired by fall foliage, food, colors, holidays, and more.

Top Fall Cat Names

Here are the very best fall cat names for your new kitten. The list draws inspiration from many different aspects of fall, including nature, foods, and so much more.

Best of all, these names are adorable and unique and will remind you of the fall season.

  • Pumpkin – Fall cat names don’t get much cuter than this. A pumpkin is a quintessential symbol of fall and makes an adorably sweet cat name.
  • Autumn – Another word for the fall season, Autumn is increasingly popular as a female baby name and also makes a fabulous name for a cat.
  • Apple – This s the season for apples, and this could be a darling name inspired by fall.
  • Harvest – As in the season when ripened crops are gathered.
  • Acorn – A cute name inspired by the oak-tree nut.
  • Leaf – Fall is a wonderful time of year where the leaves turn beautiful and vibrant colors.
  • Hunter – The fall is also a popular time for hunting, and the name Hunter reflects this.
  • Maple – The maple tree turns glorious shades of orange and red during the fall.
  • Sage – As in both the plant and the popular seasoning used in fall foods.
  • Birch – Inspired by the tree, Birch makes a strong cat name.
  • Pecan – The smooth brown nut is often used in fall foods, like pecan pie.
  • Squash – The squash is also a symbol of fall and makes a super sweet and oh-so-funny cat name.
  • Spice – The fall is known for yummy spices that make desserts and drinks extra delicious. Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?
  • Maize – As in the cereal grain that’s harvested in the fall.
  • October – This fall month also makes a cute cat name.
  • Cider – Everyone loves a good cup of cider to warm up during crisp fall days.
  • Chestnut – Chestnut is both a tree and the nut it produces. How cute is it as a cat name?
  • Nutmeg – This distinctive spice is used in many fall foods including baked goods, meats, sauces, vegetables and beverages.
  • Cinnamon – And last but not least is cinnamon – perhaps the most popular spice of the fall season.
cat in fall

Fall Cat Names Inspired By Color

Fall is known for its glorious colors, including vibrant oranges, fiery reds, deep browns, and many colors in between. This provides excellent inspiration for fall cat names.

Here are a dozen unique ideas inspired by the many stunning colors of the season.

  • Amber
  • Copper
  • Ginger
  • Goldy
  • Hazel
  • Honey
  • Marigold
  • Red
  • Ruby
  • Rusty
  • Scarlet
  • Sienna

Explore even more colorful ideas with our list of orange cat names.

cat with leaves

Fall Cat Names Inspired by Halloween

Halloween takes place right in the middle of the fall season, so we couldn’t have a list of fall cat names without including a few spooktacular ideas inspired by the holiday.

  • Boo
  • Bones
  • Candy
  • Ghost
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Magic
  • Raven
  • Salem
  • Shadow
  • Spooky

For more ideas, check out our complete list of Halloween cat names. In addition, we have over 100 options inspired by the fall holiday.

fall cat in leaves

More Cat Names

If you like the idea of fall cat names but want to continue looking, we have plenty of other options to explore. Use our tool to generate cat names.

Or you can check out the most popular categories and get even more ideas:

A Few Tips

Find Cat Names helps millions of new pet parents find the perfect name for their new cat every year. We’ve picked up a few tips to help you in your search:

  • Pick a name that will fit your cat for the rest of their life. What fits a small cuddly kitten today might not work when the cat is all grown up.
  • Wondering if you have the right cat name? Try it out! Say it out loud, in several different tones. You’ll know right away if it sounds right.
  • If a name is hard to pronounce, others will likely have a hard time saying your cat’s name, at least at first.
  • Many cat experts recommend a shorter name that comes to your lips easily. At times it’s important to get your cat’s attention very quickly!

How to Teach Your Cat Its Name

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