5 Best Dog Proof Cat Feeder Picks

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Do you have a pesky pup who just won’t stay out of your cat’s food? If so, you need a dog proof cat feeder!

Many dog breeds are obsessed with food. They love to eat pretty much anything including cat food.

This isn’t fair to your feline, however. They deserve a relaxing, stress-free way to enjoy their food and get the nutrients they need.

As a solution, a dog proof cat feeder can be a great deterrent for dogs. They feature innovative designs that help keep canines away.

We’ve rounded up the five best dog proof cat feeder products on the market and think they can be just the right fix for your feline.

Our Top 5 Feeders Revealed

Our list of the best dog proof cat feeder options are determined by user reviews from pet owners around the world.

We analyzed ratings and comments from real cat owners who use the feeder to keep food away from their pesky pup.

These products received the highest reviews and are great if your dog loves to help itself to your favorite feline’s food.

Best Dog Proof Cat Feeder Picks

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

A bowl of cat food sitting out is the ultimate temptation for a dog. Instead, you could get an automatic cat feeder like this one from PETLIBRO.

The feeder automatically dispenses food at predetermined times. You can even record a message calling your cat to the bowl before meal time.

This is also a great solution if you want to feed your cat while you’re away. Plus, the pre-measured proportions mean your cat won’t overeat.

With nearly a 5/5 review on Amazon, this is a product beloved by many pet owners.

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Felines Only  Purrrfect Cat Dish

Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish

Dogs eating cat food is a common enough problem that a veterinarian designed a solution designed specifically to solve this issue: The Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish.

The unique design makes it extremely tough for a cat to sneak in and steal food. The feeder also traps in cat food odors and prevents spills, both things that attract other animals.

This video illustrates how the feeder works and shows how hard it is for a dog to get inside.

With the Felines Only Purrrfect Cat Dish, your cat will thank you for making mealtimes much more pleasant.

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Emfogo Wall Mounted Elevated Pet Feeder - Dog Proof Cat Feeder

Emfogo Wall Mounted Elevated Pet Feeder

Cats are incredibly agile and can jump to very high heights. Dogs, on the other hand, not so much.

As you look for dog proof cat feeder options, another idea is to mount their bowls at a height dogs just can’t reach. And the Emfogo Wall Mounted Elevated Pet Feeder helps you do that.

The feeder securely attaches to a wall through metal brackets, and you can mount it at any height you desire. The illusion of “floating” cat dishes will also give the room a stylish aesthetic.

The bowls rest in the wooden platform and are dishwasher safe so you can pop them in the dishwasher whenever they get dirty.

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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder

Another great choice for a dog proof cat feeder is the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder.

Instead of food resting openly inside a bowl, it is stored in this funnel-shaped container. Cats have to work hard to get the food through the small openings, which are way too tiny for a dog to get into.

In addition to deterring dogs, the feeder has a number of benefits for felines as well. For example, the challenging design provides mental and physical stimulation that cats need. They essentially have to “hunt” for their food, which satisfies their natural prey drive.

The feeder also helps them eat at a healthier speed. They’ll also only eat the food their body needs and not be tempted to overeat out of boredom and convenience.

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Cat House Side Table Enclosure

Cat House Side Table Enclosure

Cats are much smaller in size than the vast majority of dogs and can fit into spaces canines just can’t.

This means you can create your own dog proof cat feeder by buying a cat house enclosure where only felines fit.

This side table option works great because you can store their food inside and it has a small opening where cats can always get in. Dogs simply can’t slip into the space.

Best of all, the table design is sleek and aesthetic and will blend into any space.

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Why Do You Need a Dog Proof Cat Feeder?

After reviewing the best dog proof cat feeder products, let’s take a step back and talk about why dogs shouldn’t get into your cat’s food.

Yes, it’s annoying, and it’s certainly unpleasant for cats, who can develop anxiety and issues with eating when a canine constantly invades their space.

But it’s also not good for a dog’s health. Here’s why.

Cat Food and Dog Food Are Not Created Equal

Simply opening a can of cat food can send a dog drooling, even running, toward the source of the aroma.

And you might think, cat food can’t be too different from dog food, right?

Unfortunately for dogs, cat food and dog food are very different, and the two animals shouldn’t be eating the same things.

By nature, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their diet consists primarily of protein-rich meat and taurine-rich food.

Dogs, on the other hand, are on the omnivorous side, only requiring a healthy balance of meat and vegetables.

Cat food and dog food are made with these two very specific distinctions in mind.

Dog proof litter box

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Cat Food

So why shouldn’t dogs eat cat food? They can eat meat, right?

Dogs definitely can eat cat food in small doses. And it’s no surprise that their highly sensitive noses are even attracted to the strong meaty scent of their feline friends’ lunch.

However, no matter how tasty it could be for them, they should not eat it on a regular basis. This is because cats and dogs consume different kinds of nutrients, with cats more tolerant to some nutrients than dogs.

With that being said, cat food is filled with such vitamins, like Vitamin D, which are lethal and life-threatening for dogs in high doses.

The high protein and taurine present in cat food can also harm your dog’s liver and kidneys.

Cat food also has a lot more fat content than dog food. An increase in fat could give your dog weight issues, digestive problems and pancreatitis, which are huge and damaging health issues down the line.

Dog proof litter box

Tips to Deter a Dog

Dogs can be extremely stubborn when it comes to eating what they want. This drives pet owners to be creative with how they handle their cat food problem – hence why you’re searching for dog proof cat feeder products.

In addition to purchasing a dog proof cat feeder, you can also try out the following tricks to stop your cat food-loving canines from endangering their health.

  1. Feed your cat and dog in separate rooms. This is probably the most straightforward method, and it is likely to work for smaller and less active dogs.

    If another room is not available, a good alternative would be to feed your cat on a high place, such as a kitchen counter or a table, or anywhere your dog won’t be able to reach the food.
  2. Use cat flaps or small gates to create a physical boundary between your pets during feeding time. These are sure to keep the big dogs away.
  3. Utilize natural scents that can repel dogs, such as citrus, chili peppers and vinegar. These scents are not harmful to dogs but are strong enough to create an invisible barrier to protect your cat’s food.
  4. Hide your cat food in places where your dogs can’t reach them. The last thing you want to do is to catch your dog nibbling his way through bags of now-empty cat food boxes.

    Consider hiding them in high places your dog can’t reach or in storage areas your dog is sure not to open. This is very important, especially since dogs can smell savory scents meters away.
  5. Incorporate a different feeding schedule for your cats and dogs. Add in a bit of distracting activities while the other group eats, and it will be as though the problem doesn’t exist.
  6. Give your dog treats whenever it leaves your cat’s food alone. A substitute could work just as well.
  7. Train your dog to ignore cat food. This method requires the most patience of all, but there is a deep sense of accomplishment in its success.

    A good way to start would be to feed your cats and dogs in very different bowls. For example, a blue round bowl for dogs and a yellow square bowl for cats.

    This will make it easier for your dog to remember which type of food it should ignore. Using a command, such as “no” or “leave it,” will also help ingrain the lesson.

Final Thoughts: Best Dog Proof Cat Feeder Picks

For your cat’s well being and the health of your dog, it’s important to keep their eating areas separate.

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t exactly great at minding those rules, which is where a dog proof cat feeder comes in.

All of the options on this list have been vetted by thousands of pet owners and risen to the top as the best products. Which one you pick depends on your space and the needs of your pets.

You can also implement the other deterrents mentioned above to ensure your dog can’t get into the dish.

In the end, this solution will benefit both cats and dogs and help their health!

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