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  1. black and white cat names

    Black and White Cat Names

    Black and white cat names are a must if you get a cat with these colorings! They perfectly sum up your cat’s unique appearance in a […]

  2. best budget cat food thumbnail

    The Best Cheap Cat Food

    If you are looking for the best cheap cat food, this guide will give you 7 tasty and healthy options to choose from! As a cat […]

  3. flower cat names thumbnail

    Flower Cat Names – 75+ Amazing Ideas

    Just got a new cat and you’re looking for a great name? Flower cat names are a gorgeous and graceful option to consider. Flowers represent one […]

  4. royal cat names thumbnail

    Regal Cat Names – 140+ Elegant Ideas

    If you have a new dignified feline and need a name, we have the perfect solution: regal cat names. These elegant monikers project refinement and sophistication […]

  5. Rare Cat Breeds

    10 Rare Cat Breeds You Need to Meet

    When you’re considering a new cat, why not check out rare cat breeds? These breeds are often unique looking with the coolest personalities and pedigree. And […]

  6. gifts for cats thumbnail

    Gifts for Cats

    There’s nothing better than watching a cat play with a new toy or enjoy a delicious treat. We’ve pulled together a great list of gifts for […]

  7. Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

    Top 10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

    Owning a cat can be hard for those who have allergies. Fortunately, you can sidestep that problem if you find the right cat. Hypoallergenic cat breeds […]

  8. Star Wars Cat Names

    Star Wars Cat Names

    Hobbies & passions are a great place to start when naming your cat. I’m a big Star Wars nerd and if you are as well, you […]