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female-cat-namesYou’ve decided you want to add a new kitty to your family and you’re going to go with a female cat. First off, congratulations! What an exciting time in your life. Cats are wonderful companions and bring so much joy to a home.

Now it’s time to get down to business: You need to find a name. A fabulous name for your female cat that fits her personality and appeals to your style.

With thousands of names out there, picking the right one can seem like an insurmountable task. Where do you start?

Here are a few ways to help narrow down your search.

What are your interests?

A great way to start with your cat name search is to think about things that appeal to you. For example, are you a history buff, or perhaps you love sports? This is a quick way to start generating unique, fun cat names that are a great fit for you.

At Find Cat Names, our online generator lets you choose from a dozen name themes. Give it a shot! Categories include:

What does your cat look like?

You’d be surprised by how just looking at your new cat (or a picture of her) can inspire great names. And not just obvious names, like a snowball for a white cat. Maybe she has a unique coloring that looks like a deer. You could call her Fawn or Fawna. One famous instance of a name coming from a cat’s appearance is on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dina Manzo got a hairless cat that looked like a grandmother in the family, so they named her Grandma Wrinkles. (Granted, you don’t want to offend anyone.)

What’s her personality like?

Is your new cat playful or fun? Or serious and contemplative? The name should match her personality.

When my husband and I got our new dog last year, we couldn’t decide between two names: Mac and Toby. Mac was our first choice since we’re both big fans of Apple products. It was almost a done deal. But then we met our future dog, a beautiful, gentle-souled Labrador retriever. When we said Mac out loud, we realized it sounded tough – ala Mac trucks – and this mellow dog was another but. He was, without a doubt, a Toby.

Do you have a certain style?

Last but not least, think about your style. Some people prefer classic female cats names, while others are into cute, girly names or exotic international-inspired monikers.

Use our site to select different names styles like:

Again, congratulations on your new furball, and best of luck finding the perfect name for her!

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  1. veggiedude

    My cats name is Fei fei. We just got her just three weeks ago and she will be 4 months old in a few days. Even though we have given her this name, I still think of her as Hazel (the name she had from the shelter) and often just call her “baby” or “kitty”. It makes me wonder if giving her a name was worth it.

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