Best Cat Tree – 7 Best Cat Trees of 2021

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Looking for the best cat tree? We’ll help you pick the right one!

A tree is a must-have for most cat owners. The structure gives cats a space that’s completely their own, which is greatly appreciated by our feline friends.

With a cat tree, your cat has a safe place to climb, play, jump and scratch. And when they’re done, they can curl up and take a nap in it.

Which model you pick will depend on the type of cat you have as well as the space you’re working with. Here’s everything you need to know.

Best Cat Tree: Top 7 Picks

Our list of best cat tree options are determined by user reviews from pet owners around the world.

We analyzed ratings and comments from real cat parents who have set up the trees in their home and watched their cats interact with them.

The guide includes the overall best option plus the top picks in various categories.

Overall Best Cat Tree

Amazon Basics Multi-Level with Scratching Posts

Amazon Basics Multi-Level Tree with Scratching Posts

Our pick for the overall best cat tree goes to this multi-faceted model from Amazon.

It has everything you need for your cat to relax, play and climb, and the durable construction and neutral colors ensure it’ll stay in your home for years to come.

The multiple tiers and play accessories will give an energetic cat lots of places to play. And the scratching posts allow them to satisfy their need to scratch on something other than your furniture.

When your cat is tired, or when they start to slow down with age, the platforms and condo provide a peaceful resting place.

This product has everything you need at an affordable price, which is why we consider it the best cat tree.

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Best Cat Tree for Kittens

FEANDREA Multi-Level

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

Let’s face it, kittens are full of energy. One way they can burn off this energy – in a productive way! – is through a cat tree. But any old tree won’t do.

This multi-level structure from FEANDREA is great because it is full of amenities for an active kitten.

A kitten can jump across all the different levels, play with the multiple toys attached and scratch on all the different posts. And when they’re tired, they can curl up in the condo or hammock.

It has everything you need to keep your kitten busy and give yourself a break.

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Best Tree for Senior Cats

Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Platform

Amazon Basics Tree with Platform

As cats get older and don’t have energy like they used to, they really don’t need as many bells and whistles when it comes to a tree.

That’s why we suggest this Amazon Basics Tree with Platform for senior cats. It has a place for the cat to curl up and relax and a few posts for their scratching needs – which is all that they really need at this stage.

Best of all, this cat tree is smaller and won’t take up as much space in your home. And the neutral colors ensure it will blend in anywhere.

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Best Tree for Multiple Cats

Go Pet Club Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If you have multiple cats in your home, then we recommend the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. It has the space and amenities to accommodate many furry friends.

A whopping 15 levels provide plenty of room for a cat pack to play. Condos, elevated platforms, individual perches, hanging toys and ladders offer lots of entertainment and excitement.

Also worth noting, the tree’s durable construction ensures it is strong and stable enough to hold multiple pets.

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Most Stylish Cat Tree

Vesper Cat Tree Furniture

Vesper Cat Tree Furniture

If you’re looking for a tree that’s sleeker and more stylish, the Vesper Cat Tree Furniture is your pick.

This option combines elegance and practicality. It has everything a cat needs – multiple platforms, scratching posts, a condo and a hanging toy – in a modern-looking aesthetic.

Priced a bit higher than others, this cat tree features higher-end wood, soft memory foam cushions and an innovative design that more than justify the cost.

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Best Tree for Large Cats

large cats

FEANDREA Tree for Large Cats

Large cats need more support when it comes to a cat tree. More durable materials and larger condos and platforms, for example.

If you have a cat who’s a little on the larger side, go with the FEANDREA Tree for Large Cats.

The materials are made with extra reinforcement to support a full-sized feline. And customers report their cats love the extra-large viewing platform on the top and spend hours curled up there.

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Best Cat Tree for Apartments

PETMAKER Cat Tree with Condo & Scratching Posts

PETMAKER Tree with Condo & Scratching Posts

If you live in an apartment and are tight on space, we recommend the PETMAKER Tree with Condo & Scratching Posts.

This tree has everything a cat needs packed into a more compact design that takes up less space.

It features multiple platforms, a condo, scratching posts and a hanging toy – everything a cat needs! – condensed into a structure that’s only around 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide.

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Benefits of a cat tree

Benefits of a Cat Tree

Cats of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a cat tree, whether they’re itty bitty or extra large. The same goes whether your cat is young or old.

While it’s a common piece of furniture that many cat owners think of, some still wonder if they really need one. The answer is yes! And here’s why.

More Confidence and Less Anxiety

Cats big and small naturally use heights to find safety. That impulse is still ingrained in house cats so having a high place to go can help reduce anxiety and provide them with a place they feel safe.

Enrichment and Entertainment

Many cat owners have the image of a lazy furball sleeping in the sun. But cats need enrichment and entertainment, too.

A tree provides that in spades. With different holes to climb through, textures to experience, and the excitement of reaching new heights, it can keep your kitty happy for hours.


We love our cats no matter how they look, but when they start packing on pounds, it can actually be damaging to their health.

Just like humans, cats need exercise. One way to help them with this is by getting a tree.

Simply climbing up and down their tree can help your cat stay in good health for much longer.

Personal Space

Your cat might love to come cuddle up at night or snuggle up on your chest, but even the clingiest of cats needs some personal space, especially if there are other animals in the house.

A cat tree is a great option for a safe, comfortable way to give them the space they want.

And if you have multiple cats, consider getting a larger cat tree or multiple trees.


In the wild, a cat would use a tree to scratch on. Without that, they might be inclined to use your furniture.

If your feline friend is tearing up your house, try getting a cat tree. It provides a more natural place to work their nails and will save you a new couch.

Best cat tree

What to Look for in a Tree

Cats have a reputation for being notoriously picky about what they like. After all, they have an independent streak that we as owners have come to love.

No cat is the same, and no cat is the same from day-to-day either. So when investing in a tree for your unique feline, there’s quite a bit to consider.

A tree for a cat comes in a variety of forms and models, but serves the main purpose of being an all-in-one structure for your cat to play on, claw on, climb on and hide in.

It saves your sanity and your furniture from your cats restlessness and instincts. Most cats enjoy the activity that goes with a tree, plus it gives them a vantage point to survey everything in your house.

When exploring the best cat trees, here are a few things to consider. This will help you find the best option for your cat’s unique needs.

1. Number of Posts

Generally speaking, the tree should have numerous posts on it that your cat will love to dig its claws into. It’s much better for them to be doing this on the cat tree than your furniture.

If your cat is more active, the more posts the better.

2. Private Space

If your cat is a little more on the anti-social side, consider a cat tree with a condo or private space in the structure. This will give them a new spot to enjoy and make their own.

If your cat tree has an enclosed space, this also distracts your cat from burrowing in potentially problematic spaces like your clothes pile, bed or couches.

3. Age of Your Cat

Cat trees can tend to be suited to younger and more agile cats. After all, kittens need to burn off energy and can get up and down the tree easily.

If your cat is young and has lots of energy, you’ll want to look into a tree with more bells and whistles to keep them occupied.

On the other hand, older cats that are more sedentary or just can’t jump like they used to probably won’t enjoy a taller, more complex cat tree as much.

Instead, opt for a smaller, simplistic tree that is easy to get into and provides a resting space.

4. Size of Your Cat

Another factor to consider is the size of your feline.

Trees are generally designed for most types of cats, but sometimes they don’t always accommodate larger breeds.

For example, a 30-pound Maine Coon is not suited to leap around most cat trees, unless you want to risk them tipping it over.

If your cat is regular sized, don’t worry. If they’re of a bigger build, then you should always ensure the size, sturdiness and construction of the tree first.

5. Size of the tree

You should also consider how the cat tree will be suited, in terms of size, to the area you want it located.

The more there is for your cat to do on the tree, the better it is for keeping them entertained. But that generally means the tree will be bigger in size.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider how large your living space is and what you are actually willing to sacrifice for your feline companion. You certainly don’t want a cluttered, uncomfortable living area.

It’s also important that the tree is located somewhere where the cat won’t use it as a bridge to another “out of bounds” location. For instance, you don’t want to put your new cat tree close to a shelf with breakable items. You don’t want to tempt your cat with new, higher up challenges!

6. Materials and Design

You’ll also want to check to see what the tree is made out of.

For example, is it constructed from sturdy wood as opposed to particleboard or something else inferior?

If made from wood, it’s going to be heavier, especially for moving the tree around the house, but that strength is better than having to deal with chipping and parts splintering off.

Additionally, the scratching post component should have a thick carpet or rope wrapping, especially if your cat loves to claw. You don’t want the tree to have weak and soft materials that your cat will rip apart after the first week.

Also, owners may want to look for a tree that can be anchored, either into the wall or floor. This will avoid tipping.

7. Multiple Cats

And lastly, as with many supplies that owners buy for their cats, always have a ‘cat-to-equipment ratio’ in the back of your mind.

If you have numerous cats, you may want to have a second tree. Cats can be quite possessive and will quickly eye out ‘their’ nook or post.

Cute cat

Final Thoughts: Best Cat Tree

Selecting the best cat tree really depends on the age and energy level of your cat and the type of space you’re working with.

Hopefully our guide to the best cat tree options has helped clarify which one is right for you and your cat.

And although they’re not cheap, a tree will save you money down the road since it deters a cat from scratching and potentially ruining your furniture, carpets and other areas of your home.

Best of all, it will keep your cat entertained and happy for years to come!