Best Cat Treats – The Top 5 Treats for Your Furry Friend

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Looking to reward your cat with a tasty treat? We’ve rounded up the five best cat treats available for your favorite feline.

Treats are a great way to supplement your cat’s regular diet. They also help with training and behavioral issues and are a great way to bond with beloved pet.

But you only want to give your cat the best, of course!

To help you in your search, here are the five best cat treats available.

Best Cat Treats: Top 5 Picks

Our list of best cat treats are determined by user reviews from pet owners around the world.

We analyzed ratings and comments from real cat owners who have tried the treats. Well, their cats have tried the treats, we should say!

These treats rose to the top and are a great choice if you’re looking for a simple snack or a way to reward your cat’s good behavior.

Overall Best Cat Treats

Temptations cat treats

Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats

This classic cat treat is a feline favorite, and for good reason. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, they’re packed with flavor – choose from chicken, salmon, seafood or tuna.

Cat owners appreciate that these treats are low in calories and full of nutrients.

If you’re looking for a basic cat treat, you can’t go wrong with these Temptations treats.

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Best Cat Treats for Bad Breath

Feline Greenies

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care

A cat’s breath can start to smell a little stale over the years, and unfortunately, they don’t exactly love getting their teeth brushed.

That’s where dental treats come in. And the Greenies brand is known for high-quality products for all types of pets.

Their feline Greenies provide a crunchy texture and unique shape that cleans teeth, reduces tartar and freshens breath.

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Best Lickable Cat Treats

Squeeze up cat treats

Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats

Lickable cat treats are a great way to bond with your cat and provide a snack to your cat in an interactive way.

You just open up the pouch and let your cat have a taste. Or you could pour it in their bowl.

Delectables are a top brand, and their lickable treats are available in a number of flavors, including tuna, chicken, tuna and shrimp, and chicken and veggies.

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Best Dried Cat Treats

Orijen cat treats

Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats

For dried cat treats, the Orijen brand is at the top of the list. They include 100% quality animal ingredients and only natural preservatives.

Best of all, freeze dried cat treats are nutrient-dense and high in protein, offering up a hearty, filling snack for your beloved furbaby.

Owners say their cats enjoy the rich, smokey flavors, and they can rest assured that they’re giving their pet the best.

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Best Grain Free-Free Cat Treats

Blue Buffalo treats

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Treat

Many owners choose to give their cats grain-free treats, and the top brand in this category is Blue Buffalo.

Their grain-free treats do not include meat by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives, or corn, wheat or soy.

With the highest quality of ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re giving your cat the best.

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cat in leaves eating treats

What Treat is Right for My Furry Friend?

With so many options to choose from, you’re likely wondering what the best cat treats are for your kitten.

Do you go with the tried-and-true favorites? Or is grain-free better? And does your cat need a little something extra for their bad breath?

If you’re asking yourself any of this, below are questions you should consider. This will help guide you to the right treat for your cat’s unique needs.

Why are you giving your cat treats?

First things first, stop to think about why you’re giving your cat a treat.

Is it for training purposes or to help with their behavior?

If so, then a smaller treat is best. That way you can give them to your cat over and over again without worrying that they’re overindulging.

Or are you giving it to your cat because they’re a picky eater and need additional nourishment?

In this case, a lickable cat treat is even more enticing. Additionally, a dried treat packs in extra protein and nutrients your cat may need.

And if you just want to use it to bond with your cat, pretty much any type of treat will work.

Does your cat have any food sensitivities?

Another important thing to consider is food sensitivities. Some cats have extra sensitive stomaches and need treats that are kind to their tummies.

Going grain-free is important to some cat owners, and in that case, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Treat is a great choice.

Always read the back of the label to see what’s in the treat. And when you do feed them to your feline, watch and see how they react before feeding them more.

How are your cat’s teeth?

It’s also a good idea to think about your cat’s teeth. This is important for a number of reasons.

First, does your cat have any issues with the condition of their teeth? As cats get older, their teeth can become weaker and more sensitive.

In this case, harder, tougher treats may be difficult for them to eat. Soft or lickable treats are a better option.

Or if your cat has breath that leaves something to be desired, go with a treat that also cleans and freshens, like the Feline Greenies.

Of course, you can buy more than one type of treat.

In the end, many cat owners actually buy two or more different types of treats.

For example, you could have small treats on hand for training purposes and then use a breath-enhancing treat several times a week for oral care.

Or you could buy a standard treat and add in a freeze dried or lickable treat for a special occasion.

Cats certainly won’t complain!

Final Thoughts: Best Cat Treats

Giving treats to your cat is beneficial for many reasons and recommended by veterinarians and pet experts alike.

To start, treats are a great tool for helping with cat behavior. They entice your cat to come to you, aid in training exercises, assist with modifying behavior and more.

Additionally, treats help supplement your cat’s diet and provide additional nutrients and health benefits.

And of course, giving treats to your cat is a great bonding experience. Who doesn’t love a cute cat curled up in your lap enjoying a tasty treat?

When it comes down to picking the best cat treats, that depends on what you’re looking for your cat and their unique needs.

Ultimately, all of the options on this guide have been vetted by thousands of cat owners and received the highest marks, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your cat the best!

cat eating treat

How Often Should You Give Your Cat Treats?

Cat owners often question how frequently they can give their treats to their new furry friend and at what serving size.

Ultimately, it’s best to keep treats as a small portion of your cat’s overall diet. WebMD experts recommend that treats make up at most 10% of your cat’s calorie intake.

Keep in mind your cat’s total calorie intake includes food items like “human” food scraps and other things that aren’t a normal part of your pet’s diet.

There are some foods that should never be given to cats or other pets, such as garlic, grapes, raisins, onions and chocolate. These food items can make your pet sick if ingested.

It’s also important to remember that treats should not supplement your cat’s daily allotment of regular cat food.

If you have questions about the amount of treats you are feeding your cat, or how many calories your cat should be consuming, consult with your veterinarian.

Why Should You Give Your Feline Treats?

There are a variety of benefits to giving your cat treats from time to time.

First, many pet owners use treats as a way of showing affection towards their pet. Cuddling up with your cat and feeding them a treat is a wonderful bonding experience.

Treats can also serve as an additional source of nutrition for your cat as a complement to their regular dry kibble or wet food. This is especially true for finicky furballs.

As discussed above with the best cat treats, some even focus on a cat’s dental health and work to keep your cat’s mouth clean and healthy by helping to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Treats can also help to reduce stress in your cat and provide them with amusement and entertainment. However, it’s important to avoid using treats as a way to relieve any anxiety or fear that your cat may experience.

Additionally, many cats associate treats as a reward for good behavior, and treats are a great “tool” to use for positive reinforcement when trying to teach your cat a new habit or skill.

If you have questions about the types of treats that you can feed your cat, it is best to consult with your veterinarian. Even though all the entries on our list of best cat treats are of top quality, your vet will know your cat’s constitution and what is best for them.

How to Introduce Treats to Your Cat

With a kitten, it is important to make sure that any treats they eat are healthy and will help their body grow strong.

Overfeeding your kitten treats can potentially lead to health problems over time, so it’s also critical to feed your cat treats in moderation.

Giving your cat a few treats in a limited amount can help you to build your bond with the kitten and teach them that you are someone they can love and trust.

Some vets say that you don’t need to feed your kitten treats at an early age. This can help the cat to only associate its main kibble food as its nutrition source, rather than asking you for treats when they are hungry.

Your veterinarian can help you to determine whether it is best to hold off on treats for your kitten until they are older.