5 Best Cat Dental Treats for Feline Fresh Breath

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Taking care of your cat’s teeth is incredibly important for their health. If you’re looking for an easy way to do this, here’s an idea: Give them cat dental treats!

While brushing a cat’s teeth is the best way to ensure a cat’s oral health, most felines hate the process. It’s hard to pin them down, and when you do, they just don’t stay still.

That’s what makes cat dental treats a much more convenient option. They’re just like regular treats – but with ingredients and textures that reduce plaque, massage gums and clean teeth.

And best of all, cat dental treats help freshen their breath.

No one likes to be around with a pet with stinky breath. By giving your cat dental treats, you’ll ensure they have fresh breath that smells nice and pleasant.

Our Top 5 Picks

Our list of best cat dental treats are determined by user reviews from pet owners around the world.

We analyzed ratings and comments from real cat owners who have tried the treats. (Well, their cats have tried the treats, we should say!)

These treats rose to the top and are a great choice if you’re looking to improve your cat’s breath.

Overall Best Cat Dental Treats

Feline Greenies

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Treats

When it comes to dental treats for pets, Greenies top the list. The brand is consistently recommended by vets and beloved by all types of pets.

The Feline Greenies are especially formulated for cats and feature a crunchy texture and unique shape that cleans teeth and reduces tartar while freshening a cat’s breath.

And because the treats have added vitamins, minerals and taurine, they also offer complete, tasty nutrition.

Greenies for cats come in many different flavors, including salmon, tuna, chicken, catnip and more.

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Other Top Picks for Best Cat Dental Treats

Purina DentaLife

Purina DentaLife Adult Dental Cat Treats

Another pick for best cat dental treats: Purina DentaLife.

The innovative design features a unique, porous texture that allows your cat’s tooth to penetrate the treat, helping to clean their teeth on all sides and reduce tartar buildup.

The treats also include calcium to keep cat teeth strong along with taurine, an essential amino acid that cats need.

Plus, treats are made without artificial colors or flavors and are crafted in USA facilities.

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Meow Mix Brushing Bites

Meow Mix Brushing Bites Dental Cat Treats

Meow Mix Brushing Bites are specially designed to help clean a cat’s teeth by reducing plaque and tartar.

Fortified with vitamin D and calcium, they also help support strong teeth and bones.

Packed full of flavor, cats will love eating these treats AND they help do their body good.

They come highly recommended by cat owners, and we can see why.

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Arm & Hammer Yummies

Arm & Hammer Yummies Cat Dental Treats

You probably know Arm & Hammer as the company behind baking soda. But did you know they also make cat dental treats? Good ones, too!

These treats include a key ingredient: The brand’s signature baking soda. It’s included to scrub away tartar, which controls odors and keeps your pet’s breath fresh.

As another bonus, the taste is so yummy that your cat will never know they’re designed to keep their teeth clean.

Arm & Hammer is a trusted brand across the world for their home products, which now include cat dental treats!

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Hartz dentist

Hartz Dentist’s Best Cat Treats

Scientifically proven to reduce tartar up to 83%, the Hartz Dentist Best treats are another top pick for best cat dental treats.

The treat’s crunchy texture cleans the surface and in between teeth while gently massaging gums.

This cleans teeth, promotes healthy gums, freshens breath and reduces new tartar formation.

You can count on these treats to maintain your precious pet’s pearly whites.

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Best cat dental treats

Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth

Dental hygiene is so important to a cat’s overall health.

Just like humans, cats can develop conditions such as gingivitis and other periodontal diseases if their teeth and gums are not cared for. Plus, taking care of their teeth keeps their breath fresh, not fishy!

Wild cats regularly chew their prey’s bones or nibble on grass, both of which can scrape food particles off their teeth.

Domestic cats — especially if they’re indoors only — don’t have access to bones or vegetation to do this.

They also typically eat processed food and treats. This means that debris and sugar can pile up on their teeth, giving oral bacteria the opportunity to grow and contribute to tartar buildup and swollen gums.

In time, the bacteria form plaque, which hardens into tartar. This condition can eat away at your cat’s gums and teeth, causing tooth loss, periodontal inflammation and difficulty chewing.

All of these conditions can be painful for your cat, but you may never know because cats are known to hide their pain and discomfort. That’s why you should do regular checkups both at home and at the vet.

Unchecked plaque buildup and gingivitis can lead to chronic pain, poor appetite, and, in the worst case, bacterial infections that move into your cat’s bloodstream. This leads to kidney disease and other problems.

Also, periodontal disease in cats is usually permanent, and teeth may need to be removed if the tartar buildup is severe. This leads to continued difficulty eating and discomfort for the cat.

In short, dental health is crucial to a long, happy life for your cat. Regular dental care is the best way to avoid gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Thankfully, there are a few options to help! Cat owners can opt to brush their cat’s teeth or, as in this case, they can try any variety of cat dental treats available.

While brushing is better, dental treats are usually MUCH easier to manage.

Best cat dental treats

How Do Cat Dental Treats Work?

Cat dental treats can go a long way to help improve your cat’s oral hygiene and the quality of their breath.

These small, often crunchy treats help in two different ways.

First, the act of chewing is conducive to good dental health. This, paired with the abrasive texture of most cat dental treats, helps scrub your cat’s teeth.

The rough texture can typically be attributed to natural oat fiber. While your cat is chewing, the treats rub against their teeth, similar to brushing them.

As they enjoy their treats, they’re helping to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of their teeth, leading to a healthier cat!

The second part that aids in your cat’s dental health is the ingredients used in the treats.

Most manufacturers of feline dental treats include ingredients that promote dental health in their final product.

That’s not to say all treats are created the same, however.

It’s important to be wary of treats that contain starch, as this coats a cat’s teeth.

The last thing you want is more residue on your cat’s teeth! With this in mind, look for treats that have low amounts of residue-building carbohydrates.

In addition, certain enzymes are also beneficial, as they can help eradicate any bacteria remaining in your feline’s mouth. This will lead to less tartar and plaque buildup.

Best cat dental treats

How to Introduce New Treats to Your Feline

With a kitten, it is important to make sure that any treats they eat are healthy and will help their body.

Overfeeding treats to your cat can potentially lead to health problems over time, so it’s also critical to feed your cat treats in moderation.

Giving your furry friend a few cat dental treats in a limited amount can help you to build your bond with your pet and teach them that you are someone they can love and trust.

Some vets say that you don’t need to feed your kitten treats at an early age. This can help the cat to only associate its main kibble food as its nutrition source, rather than asking you for treats when they are hungry.

Your veterinarian can help you to determine whether it is best to hold off on treats for your kitten until they are older.

cat eating treat

How Often to Give Your Cat Dental Treats

Once you have purchased a reputable and effective brand of cat dental treats, you might be wondering a few things.

When is the best time of day to give my cat their treats? When I do, how many should I give? And lastly, how many times per day should I be treating my cat?

Since guidelines for cat dental treats can vary greatly from one brand to another, it’s best to review the directions of whatever treat you decide to purchase. This will help ensure you’re using the product correctly and that your cat is receiving the most effective dental care.

Thoroughly read the instructions on the package to find out the recommended serving size and how often you should give them to your cat.

The other thing to consider when giving your cat dental treats is age. It’s recommended that you not start any sort of dental treat regimen until your feline is at least 10-12 months old.

cat in leaves eating treats

Final Thoughts

Giving treats to your cat is beneficial for many reasons and recommended by veterinarians and pet experts alike.

Overall, treats are a great tool for helping with cat behavior. They also supplement a cat’s diet and provide additional nutrients and health benefits. (Check out our guide to the best cat treats.)

With cat dental treats, you get a few additional bonuses: You’re taking care of your cat’s teeth AND giving them fresher breath.

When it comes down to picking the best cat dental treats, all of the options on this list have received top marks. They’ve been vetted by thousands of cat owners, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your cat the best!

Giving your cat a treat is a great bonding experience. After all, who doesn’t love a cute cat curled up in your lap enjoying a tasty treat?

And with cat dental treats, cats gain fresh-smelling breath, which makes snuggle time even more enjoyable!